Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vintage View #3

My 1960's Hawaiian patio dress making it's "Vintage View" debut:
-bought in Hollywood (along with Vintage View #1)

One of my favorite vintage finds of all time-yet I never have anywhere to wear it because it rains all the time in NYC, and it seems more suitable for a 60s pool party in sunny CA.) 
In fact, just playing dress-up in it whisks me back to a time that I'll never know because I'm not that old.  But you see what I mean?  It's just begging for me to be  poolside, walking around with a silver tray of cocktails, servin' it up to my guests while Mr. BF flips the burgers and tells the kiddies no running by the pool :)

That's the fun of vintage.  It can take you back in time, you can make believe where the dress went, and who wore it, and all the stories attached to those very threads.   (Here, I could also elaborate on a worry/thrill I have about vintage items, it deals with hauntings and my fascinations with ghosts.  Yep...I believe in ghosts)

And, I got my mullet trimmed today:
Thank heavens!  My side portion was all outta whack-and I got a wedding to go to next weekend.  Good thing it's back in shape.



JINX said...

maybe you should start anual swimming theme parties...


Hannah said...

It's lovely, shame it rains so much though. Your other vintage dress is fab too.

jane st. clair said...

OH.MY.GAAAAAAWD. that dress is positively amazing. i fell in love with it a little. well, a lot. so so pretty and it looks wonderful on you!!

and your trimmed-up mullet looks great too. :)


Isquisofrenia said...

omg i love this dress!!!
i wanna be tall so i can wear this type of dresses

this one looks so cute on you!!!
i love the pink flower on your hair , so adorable!

WILDasaMINK said...

Isquisofrenia-I feel like I need to call you "Krly" :) hope that's ok.
Thank you so much for liking my dress!
Haha,don't we all wish we were taller!!!! But we all want what we can't have right?
I like your height though so don't worry-it suits you well with all your cute little outfits, skirts-shorts-shirts as dresses-whatever, you wear it all so well!

Anonymous said...