Saturday, August 22, 2009


After work I stopped by some of the stores on 34th street and ran accross some glitter nail polish that was just calling my name.
Plus, having seen in several 'zines lately, glitter glitter and more glitter on nails-I thought I'd take it back to my mid-nineties high school years and give it a go.

Total party on my nails:

Also, just a quick fact on glitter polish-it's an easy way to fix up a chipping mani/pedi.
This is still the same Sephora/O.P.I  color: Darkroom from last week!  
I simply filled in some chipped spots, then went at it with the new glitter polish.
(Kindly excuse my HUGE big toe above...seriously, I might very well have the world's largest big toenail--scary stuff I assure you)

Now it's nearly midnight, after a long work week I'm not sad that I stayed in and took it easy.  In fact I'm ready for sleepy-time, I have one eye shut as I type this.
-so off to bed I go

Sweet dreams!

And to me, well I wish myself only sweet dreams of 


PS-Can you guess which one is my FAVE?   Think.....think real hard (Weardrobe, Chictopia, pretty much 7/8 of my screen name choices for all my sites is a MAJOR GIVEAWAY), 
and no it's not Mick Mars-although one would think so being he is from INDIANA!  
(random hoosier trivia for you all, want more?  I got it)


UnoCosa said...

i love love the glitter polish... always in love with anything that is sparkling :-) xoxo

jane st. clair said...

glitter polish IS the perfect way to fix a mani/pedi. i agree about the 90s thing. i don't think i ever painted my nails in the 90s without topping them with several coats of sparkly goodness.
the little violet dress