Thursday, August 20, 2009

I got a comment on Chictopia recently about my "black phase"-only then did I realize that "

yes, I was wearing a lot of black recently

Maybe because I wanted to boycott summer; perhaps without realizing it, I figured black was the way to channel my more fall-like longings.

The comment got me thinking, I have all fall and winter to wear black....and as much as I am DONE-AND-DONE with summer, I might as well get some bright color in there while I can.
Dolce and Gabbana,Old Navy,Workday outfit,Summer,H&M *Yellow cotton blouse-Old Navy
*Brown/Ivory scarf-Old navy
*Denim skirt-H&M
*Brown belt-NY&Co.
*Brown wedge sandals-Beacon's Closet

Background tidbits on my attire-
Blouse and scarf bought the other day when I was supposed to be looking for a cute little outfit for my niece. (she'll be 1year old on Sunday!)
Sandals are by far my best Beacon's Closet purchase to date (they're Dolce and Gabbana!!! and my size!!!!)

So, it's high time (yes 6weeks have gone by) that I get a haircut! Check out the overgrown mess of asymmetry I got going on....eeek!
I love my short side, but I tend to forget just how often trims are needed in order to maintain it's proper look. Did I not have short hair for like 5 years of my life back in high school and college???? Yeah, I did-so why do I forget about the maintenance required??
Should I try to get in there Saturday....or hold out a few more days and go next Thursday or Friday? Hmmmmm decisions.
There is a vintage sidewalk sale in the East Village on Saturday, so maybe I'll just go get a trim, then skip on over to the store to check out the goods they say they're going to have for as low as $1.00!!!

Oh, and after work this evening, I went to the movies. My coworker chose the movie, and while I'm not one to usually go for the girlier of flicks, I was quite pleased and enjoyed her choice:

Julie and Julia

Meryl Streep does an excellent job of portraying Julia Child-you'll just love her, and it almost made me want to cook. But let's face it, domestic goddess I am not.

I found Julie's (Amy Adams) blogging almost more interesting. It becomes such an obsession for her that it interferes with her marriange, life, etc. And I think all bloggers know how this goes. I got to thinking how often I think about my blog, other blogs, and how these thoughts take up about 50% of my time now (this is probably a very low estimate, it's probably more like 95%). Back in April I had so much more free time :) And then there's thinking that my connection with some of these people is real....hilarious considering it's a vast universe of jibberish thrown out into a huge internet world, and I almost think it's for real! As if I know my readers, and those who I follow know me....this is nonsense! Julie has similar feelings, and I think we bloggers can relate to her character and all her blogging woes. (Funny because I just has a similar conversation about such topics last night with friends)
But with that said, I don't mind.....blogging is fun, it's a place to write down my thoughts, my activities about town, and just give myself something to look back on and remember what I did on a particular day or time, and of course what I wore and perhaps why.
And while blogging does make one slightly obsessed, and maybe even self-centered, it's no big deal. So I say, "keep blogging away!" If you're like me, you rather enjoy looking back on yourself and seeing what you could've or couldn't have done differently. (clothing wise of course-heehee).

Oh so tired, goodnite!


jane st. clair said...

ooh, i want to see julie & julia. i'm glad to know it's good! i don't usually like girly flicks either, but these days, i'm kind of happy to see something that's mostly feel-good.

i have similar thoughts/feelings about the blog. in fact, a bit ago, my gf was like, "you're on the computer all the time!" and i didn't even realize it until she told me. it's hard to manage it all. even though i know some folks think it's foolish, my online relationships are very much real and important to my world.

i love your top. every once in a while, old navy can have some real gems!

i hope your niece's bday is/was sweet.

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg really??? i havent even noticed it you wearing all black.
but you can wear black in summer, iddint know you cant hhahha
whatever either way you look awesome in all your outfits.
i love love this skirt loooks so cool on you!!
and i wanna see the movie too!!!

Style Bird said...

Great outfit.

Anonymous said...

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