Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello Monday.

I felt very "Roman Holiday"-esque all day long.  A bit demure, but not quite.
If only I had a Gregory Peck like man to tote me around on his scooter....
Isaac Mizrahi,Target,Workday outfit,Romah Holiday,Gregory Peck
(At Bryant Park after work)

I have a very busy week in store:

-got my party invitations today, must start to address them immediately,
 time is running out!!!  (see countdown on side bar)  (Oh, and if you're going to be
in NY come might want to let me know as this promises to be the 
party of the year!)

-Maybe "District 9" tomorrow with BF, maybe's up in the air.

-Wednesday meeting UnoCosa at CocoaBar in Park Slope, should be exciting!!!

-Seeing "Julie and Julia" with my coworker on Thursday

-Then the weekend-yea!!!
Isaac Mizrahi,Target,H&M,Workday Outfit,Black Dress,cotton scarf,Colin Stuart,t-strap sandals
On a side note, I was so delighted to see a letter for me in the mail.  It was from
my friend who ran away to South Africa (OK, she didn't run away, she went for a 
very good, helpful cause).  It made me smile-I started thinking how far our friend-
ship has come.....I met her on craigslist probably 6yrs ago when I answered her ad
for at-home sewing lessons.
We have maybe only 3 garments to show for all she's learned, but she's become a nice 
friend I think I'll stay in contact with for a long long time.  
In addition to helping refugees, she's getting to experience some really cool stuff-and
she mentioned how rad the street-style is in South Africa; I can believe it....have you 
ever checked out Jasna's awesome attire?  (Jasna is a master at layering, and has a rock 
vibe going on....I definitly think she's cool)
But back to my sewing friend....I miss you!!!  Thanks for the snail mail, it was a big
highlight to my day!
Accessories,bracelet,vintage,vintage necklace,Ebay,sunglasses,H&M,Forever 21
*Black cotton dress-Isaac Mizrahi for Target (from god knows how long ago)
*Black T-strap sandals-Colin Stuart
*White cotton crinkle scarf-H&M
*Gold vintage necklace-Ebay
*Gold bangles-Forever 21
*Brown sunglasses-H&M

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Isquisofrenia Style said...

wow, sounds like very funn!!!
oh i wish i lived in ny, everything is so cool there.
is it really hot there??
by the way you look so gorgeous with that black dress!!
like always