Friday, October 2, 2009

Birthday Week: Nite Out

It's officially gotten stressful; birthdway celebrations that is.  I've got tons of people coming to my 30th Birthday Bash on Saturday (headcount is at like 90 guests)!
That means lots of out-of-town guests and I'm trying to have fun with everyone while they're here. 
So between running around with my family (dad, mom, aunts, uncles, soon to see my sister, bro-n-law, and nieces) and meeting up with the out-of-towner friends (so far that's Kevin and Sharlene-hailing from Colorado, and Nate-flying in from Ohio.....thanks guys for coming!); well PHEW!  I'm looking a bit like a chicken with her head cut off.

I started yesterday out by meeting up with mom and dad and aunt and uncle (will have a post of that in some sort in the next few days).
Thursday Outfit,bomber jacket,sweater,Silver Leggings,H&M,Forever 21,Suede Boots
*Gray bomber jacket-H&M
*Lavender cowl neck sweater-H&M
*Gunmetal metallic leggings-Forever 21
*Brown suede boots-Carlos Santana
Then I left the 'rents to their crackerbox of a hotel room so they could hit the sack.  And I continued on to meet up with friends.

And that's when it happened.....I let them know I have a BLOG!  A blog about ME, MY CLOTHES, and more ME!
Having just taken a giant leap by announcing my blog (a semi-embarrasing, and often intimidating thing to let people know about), the friends then had to witness firsthand my most favored blog pose as to get the full effect of what I'm up to. I then gave them each a business card w/promises of having them on the blog.  Thanks for not fully laughing at me guys!  But then again, you're in NYC right now, and you have yet to check out this blog of mine.  

So Kevin, Sharlene, Nate-sorry I tried to lure you in to my is it; enjoy.  And guy friends--I feel for you, I mean how "not so interesting" is this for you?  Seriously!  Since when do you care about what sweater I'm wearing.  

And back to the social activity---
We ate some dinner....
Then I found out Kevin and Sharlene got engaged......
(congratulations you guys; such a perfect couple!)
The group stuck it out at LIT for the majority of the evening......
Where we proceeded to drink more than we should have.....
I believe Nate said he should not drink anymore liquor, so what's in his hand?......
(and we were dancing, because that's what I do)
And to finish off the night, it appears Sharlene went and got possessed! (surely by the black-light demon of course)....

So on the eve of my 30th birthday, I sit here at my house eagerly awaiting more friends' arrivals! My very very best friend from high school (Abbey) is staying with me.....she arrives in about 2 hours! And my very very best friend from college(Amy) is already here, got in today with her husband (Michael).
Throw Mel, the BF, fun girl Jeralyn, and the girls from Cooking With Cocktails (Amanda-Abbey's kid sister and Megan)in the mix (they're from Louisville, also here for the big party).....and it's going to be a fun night in Park Slope with all my BFFS and very special people....I can't wait!!!!! I don' get to see them enough!!!!
For now, it's more running around like a chicken with it's head cut-off.  I have to go enjoy being 20-something for a few more hours.  Then it's off to being 30 freakin years OLD!!!!!


jane st. clair said...

you look so freaking awesome in your outfit! i love having guests but it's soooo stressful to try to make everyone feel loved and attended to. it looks like you're having a really fun time, and i hope the fun continues. (i'm sure it will.) happy bday weekend, love!

idée_géniale said...

Yay! yay yay! Wow, I can't believe the counter says 1 day left!! So exciting. well, i think i'm seeing you in about an hour so I don't have much to say!

missDTM said...

love the outfit! happy birthday!!

FashionJazz said...

U look stunning!! Happy Birthday!! xxx

Catherine said...

What a wonderful outfit, and I still have yet to tell anyone about my blog. I'm strangely afraid that they'll think I'm a huge nerd (which I am, but whatever) even though they have their own little things they love, like video games.

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had fun :)

Indiana Adams said...

Did I tell you happy birthday, my fellow Hoosier?

I hope it was amazing! And now I shall covet your sweater.