Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fur Vest

I've been here all day trying to wait for more to happen so as to make a new "Weekend Rewind" post; I simply cannot wait longer.

I've been too excited all day about my outfit.
Furry Vest

 I've been dying to wear my new fur vest for some time now

I got it back in September when Mel hooked me up with her Kensie pull.

So someone tell me why I've been online and in the house since I put this ensemble together earlier this afternoon?
Saturday Outfit
*Beige fur vest-Kensie
*Gray wrap sweater-H&M
*Gray lace skirt-unknown
*Steel textured tight-HUE
*Taupe suede booties-Calvin Klein
*Gold chain/pearl necklace-Topshop
*Gold multi-strand necklace-Forever 21

I wore this skirt before, trying to rework it and make it into something different.  I never got around to doing anything with it.  But when the mood struck me to wear my fur vest, I had to find something girly to balance it out.  And looking at my past few months of posts, one can see I'm a basics, raw, rough around the edges kinda girl--not a lot of girliness in my closet.  This skirt was the first thing to come to mind.  
Alas, it's still too big, falls down around my hip bone and just looks awkward.  Nothing a few safety pins hooking skirt to tights cannot fix.  And voila!  Although I do have to admit it gives me a plusher stomach look and a bit more of an hourglass figure, but I can deal.

In all my giddiness over this entire look, I proceeded to get really into today's face/make-up.  I went for this smoky, kinda sleepy-eye look using taupes and browns-so as not to make it overly harsh.  A little shimmer and a pale pink lip to top it all off.

Then figured topping it off with a couple necklaces would be a nice touch.
And much to my delight, these tights are much more sheer than I ever imagined!  I bought them last fall and never had a moment to give them a try.  They looked so steely-blue in the package, very opaque and textured....And wow!  Now I'm loving them moreso than when I purchased them.  I just know they'll get a few more wears this year rather than last.

So here it is, just call me "Switzerland" in I'm super neutral today....neutral colors have such a nice cool feeling about them, they go exceptionally well with a crisp chill in the air.

And now, It's Saturday night.  I've spent the whole day in my computer position (A.K.A. my massage chair w/the laptop nearby) and it's time to GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! 

 Lucky for me, BF and his friend are down the street at our fave bar.  Bob is also on his way.  
Unfortunately, it's a little chillier now than it was this afternoon-I think I have to swap the beloved furry vest for my gray bomber.  Just me, the bomber, BEERS and BROS!  Happy Saturday Night!  Talk to you all tomorrow I hope.


Indiana Adams said...

Um, okay. You know I love your style, right? But this may be my favorite outfit of yours, yet! I am dying for that vest and that skirt and those tights! Oh, those tights! Marvelous!

And P.S.
You have the most perfect eyebrows, ever.

jane st. clair said...

what a perfect outfit! i love it! and the background of your pictures is perfect for it! i love this.

idée_géniale said...

What!? I thought you were having a games night. I was totally down for drinks last night!!
This outfit is perfect! I love the vest on you and the girlyness of it all.

missDTM said...

OMG i love this outfit!!! it's really awesome with the vest. the girly outfit with the vest is amazingly cute

Delightfully Tacky said...

Loving this outfit.

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg i love the short vest, it fits perfect and that skirt is lovely
you look awesome!!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

yeah sometimes i get tired of it, but then i always find some inspiration to post!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect!! That is really all I have to say... you just look Perfect!!


junebabie said...

amazing outfit! has all my favourite things.
I love the vest, btw. :o)