Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daily Wear:

Ever had one of those days?  By the time you're walking down the street you realize everything about your outfit is going to drive you crazy?

Welcome to my world!

As I made my way the 1/2 block from the front door to the subway entrance, discomfort had completely set in.  However, being 3 minutes late leaving my house (I have a very strict routine that puts me to work by 9am, throw it off and I throw off my life)means no time to go back and take care of issues.
*I spent all day dealing with a dress that fits larger than it did last year at this time--so I was drowning in it, mostly in the sleeves. 
*I spent all day tugging up my leggings--they felt like slipping down around hip level everytime I took a step.  
*And, the worst of all, the slipping leggings, managed to aid in my skivvies contastly slipping too!  
Sorry maybe a little "TMI"--but yeah, all the slippage and the excess of dress--just not my day!
*Purple printed jersey dress-H&M
*Black leggings-Wet Seal
*Black boots-Anne Klein
*Brown wool scarf-homemade, by yours truly!
*White vintage flower brooch-Birthday Gift
   (from BFF and A-Man-Duh's 'rents)

Better luck tomorrow?

On another note, my asymmetrical cut is on it's way out...just FYI.  I'm done!  
I need a trim, but I'm over the upkeep of having one short side.  So wish me luck as I enter the long task of growing it out and getting back to symmetry.
(I've already got the picture in my hands--it's from the Sebastian Haircare ads, the one with Mickey Green.  I'm convinced for now, the shorter side can be worked into her messy 'do.  Plus I swear Steve--the stylist--is a magician!)
I think I'll go sometime next week.   Yep, that's the plan--get these little split ends outta here and let the growing begin!

Ok, back to the Yankees game--does anyone else get into this stuff?  We're about to freakin win the World Series!!!!!


FashionJazz said...

Luved ur post hun!! U look stunning here!! Dying to see your hair once its grown out to how u want it : )Hope u have a stunning day! : ) xx

alya said...

Yeah, you won. I am angrier than you can possibly imagine at that fact!

Becky Tjandera said...

what a lovely post ! that outfit is gorgeous . love everything in it :D

Anonymous said...

Ohmy, your day and my day was the exact same day. I hate when you have those days (and realization a little too late)- it just throws the whole day off.

I would LOVE to say congratulations for winning the World Series, but I am from Boston and that just isn't right. Still love you though (and I do love this look, too bad the dress is a little too big- so cute)! LOL


eednic said...

sorry you had to suffer with fit issues in this, but it still looks awesome! i love that dress. love the added touch with the brooch too.

missDTM said...

although you were frustrated by your outfit, it's soooo cute on you!! i think i have the same exact problem at least once a week where my leggings won't fit properly, or my dress rides up for no apparent reason, or i picked the wrong shoes for the type of day i'm having. UGH....frustrating.

congrats to the yankees!!!! i totally passed out before the 9th inning but i knew they would win.

Sarah K. said...

ugh, I hate when the leggings thing happens to me! whenever my tights won't stay up I know it's going to be n uncomfortable day, haha. it's just so hard to fix in public.

cute outfit, though!

caitlin said...

Aw, sounds terrible! Maybe your day would be better if you had... an owl necklace!! :) Yes, I got the pendant for mine at Michael's, which is crazy! I had no idea they sold that sort of thing there. Thanks, Halloween.

Better luck tomorrow!

Isquisofrenia said...

hahhah yeah she was my least favorite too , but i like her in this cover.
by the way this coat is fabulous on you, with those boots!!


Kristin said...

Well, I think that you look great in this outfit! But i do totally understand when you leave the house not fully comfortable with it....I do this all of the time!

Thank you for your well-wishes!! :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

I love your dress its very pretty, BTW you made a kick ass lady gaga looks great!

UnoCosa said...

man ... slipping leggings are the worst - but, i really love this black/white combo .... enjoy your weekend, xx

jane st. clair said...

that kind of wardrobe frustration happens to me about once a week. you think i'd have worked some of that out by now, but i just feel so different each day!

good luck with the hairgrowing. it can be tedious at times, but it's also fun to have a change!