Thursday, November 12, 2009

Divine Blog Award

The ever so Quirky and Cool, 
gave me this award:
What a treat after a week putrid illness...
and for having not posted anything besides an, "I'm ALIVE, just sick" post.

Yes, a receive a "Divine Blog" award!

So Thank you!

When given this award, it's necessary to list 5 guilty pleasures
(ok. why it's "necessary", not sure.  I did not ask questions)
Here ya go, as if you needed to know anymore nerdy stuff about me:

1. the "Holiday Season"
-although I keep myself on a strict rule of not playing Christmas music or partaking in holiday decorating until I've officially eaten my Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Biographies of Rock n' Roll Groupies
-just let me live vicariously through them, ok...that way I'm not the one waking up feeling used or walking around with a broken heart

3. Having grade school cafeteria-like dinners
-tator tots, fish sticks, mini pizzas, umm basically because my cooking skills never progressed beyond heating up processed foods.

4. Teen Vogue
-I'm not a stranger to being the 30 year old on the subway reading the latest copy

5. 90210
-yikes, did I say that out loud?  Yes, I did....but I haven't managed to watch it in about 4wks.

Now, I'd like to pass this award onto anyone of my DIVINE readers!  If you've got yourself a blog, I most likely read it as I like to reciprocate the comments, favors, etc.  So please, help yourself to this award, you deserve it as much as the next person--and I'll be looking forward to seeing that list of Guilty Pleasures!
(Just copy/paste the above image into your post and mention where you got the award from....thx!)


Leproust Vintage said...

oh how I have missed your blog! I think I first knew I would like your blog when you posted about rock and roll groupies.....I am in love with Pattie Boyd, though she was an actual wife, and not a groupie per se!

I inadvertently became somewhat of a groupie in college (minus the willingness to perform any sexual favors or ANYTHING of that nature) with this one popish-alternative band. I had no idea who they were, and one of them hit on me in the Urban on my college campus and put me on the guest list. Well, clearly it is not hard to become smitten with cute musicians, and I spent the next 2 years emailing and texting with them, and of course going to an obscene amount of their shows and fawning over them, only to drunkenly hang out with them after each show. Ultimately I never gave them what they wanted (the typical groupie gift), and ties were cut. It was so fun though at the time!

Ok, not for sure why I just shared my college groupie days with you....sorry for the lengthy post! haha. Thank you for all of your well wishes! You are so sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I read your blog, I really like we were sisters or something in another life. I too LOVE cafeteria-style dinners. So yummy!! One of the reason, I actually miss being in grade school. LOL Congrats on the award- so awesome!

Hope you are starting to feel better hun! Have a good weekend.


Isquisofrenia Style said...

congratulations for the award,
i havent finished reading my groupie book i was reading, i totally forgot about it, thanx for the reminder hahha