Saturday, December 12, 2009

Haute Mess--continued...

Finally, I'm a little slow-behind-and stressed during this time of year, so it's been difficult for me to find the proper moment to continue my "Haute Mess" award post.
But, here we go.....

First of all, to refresh your memory--check THIS out.

Now, back to this post.
As promised, here are the 7 bloggers I choose to pass the "Haute Mess" award to:
(of course, I urge you all to click on their blogs and take a read yourself, some new-some old, all very good in their own unique ways)

Style of a Fashionista-girl with great style and and an eye for accessorizing
Purple*Bliss-sweet girl with a quirky style, and always posting something fun.
[Hip-ster-crit]-this girl's got me chuckling everytime I stop by her blog.
Little Violet Dress-real down to earth, and so nice, she's been here since my blog beginnings
FashionJazz-bringing us a fashion frenzy of news and style from South Africa
Isquisofrenia Style-because I wish I dressed like her everyday, I love her outfits!
Leproust Vintage-love her vintage style, her amazing finds, and of course her etsy store.

And there you go!  
Sorry it took me so long....I'm not usually good about these award things.  
I appreciate them soooo much, but do I really deserve them when I seem to drop the ball on the awards so very often?


Style of a Fashionista said...

Thank you so much for the award and introducing me to other great bloggers xx

jane st. clair said...

THANK YOU! i love getting awards. they are ridiculously thrilling to me. i'm always behind on my blogging, so i feel the same way. but from an outsider's perspective, i can tell you that you don't seem like a blogslacker at all.

FashionJazz said...

Aaah thanks soo much hun! I luv it and really appreciate it! Have a great weekend! Mwah xxx

by char C said...

thanks sooo much sweetie for the shout out and for introducing me to other equally awesome bloggers! i'm so totally behind keeping track of my own blogroll.... looking forward to your posts xxxo

Isquisofrenia Style said...

you are too cute!! you have the best vintage stuff ever, and i with i had all your coats too!!!

thank you hon!

Hipstercrite said...

oh wow! thanks for the shout out! i really appreciate it! cool....