Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dressed in Black on Black

She's got an alligator bag, top hat to match

Dressed in Black on Black

She's got a Filipino girlie, she claims is her friend,
I tell you boys, you just gotta laugh
blah blah blah,
blah blah blah
(ok just kidding, I would never sing, "blah blah blah" to this band's songs)

It's the same old,

Same Old Situation

--still really cold outside,
--still going to my basic black since it's fast and easy!

No problem though, black is fine as long as you mix lots of textures to add a touch of interest.
And living in NYC, black is the norm.
No one will look at you and think you're dreary, depressed, any other connotation black denote.
-Black chunky cowl neck sweater-H&M
-Black liquid legging (is that a term??)-Forever 21
-Black leather booties-Nine West

On another note:
I trimmed my own bangs after seeing these photos
-I mean look at the scraggly string mess I'm sporting here!
("DIY Fring Trim" Outcome=Not Bad, proof will be seen in future post)

And on a 2nd note:
What's up with my squinty eye lately?
(we all know no one's face is perfectly symmetric, but seriously...
can my small eye stop getting smaller and smaller?
I'm going to start looking like Sloth from Goonies before we know it.)

I'm out--Saturday night with no plans but a blanket, my sofa, and Charles Barkley hosting SNL.


Alexandra Hoover said...

ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE CRUE SONGS! "You just gotta laugh" used to be my password for all things IU (They required some ridiculously long pass phrase), and my dad also had that etched on the back of what may have been my first IPOD ever. I approve.

syd vicious said...

I love the all black ensemble!! Very chic and rock&roll at the same time.

Don't you love those lazy Saturday nights?

Style of a Fashionista said...

As a fan of all black I love this outfit and it is so true about texture if you wear all black. I think you look at your pictures to hard but lol about the eye comment xx

Lara said...

I am all about the DIY fringe trim. It entails me to only go to the salon about 3 times a year! I think the key is cutting on an up angle in order to create texture. I used to go to this tiny hole in the wall salon in Chicago where they also cut rad mohawks and crazy emo dos and the lady cut my hair into this sort of shag with fringe. I loved it at 23 but now I am 27 with a career so a bit of an emo cut has turned into what I have today. luckily, she taught me to cut the fringe myself.

junebabie said...

I have one squinty eye too! I hate it. but I can't notice yours at all, if it makes you feel any better.

Clare said...

Oh Nickie, I really love this outfit. The simplicity, the black, the silhouette on you; you look stunning!

zeus said...

Love the black and your blog!

J said...

I've been trimming my hair too - I realized I need a high quality scissor since my hair is steel. On second thought maybe I need hedge clippers for my fro.

The squinty eye look is DIRTY HARRY cool Nickie - I love it- who can do that own their own? YOU <3