Sunday, January 10, 2010

FAVE RAVE: Marcia Brady

I've always been a fan of the Brady Bunch, particularly due in part to Marcia's style
--it was always my favorite.

I used to watch it in syndication around the time I was in junior high, that's when I first took notice. But it wasn't until about the age of 16 that I REALLY started to desire the contents of Marcia's closet. Even though that was the mid-nineties for me, I knew owning something like she had on would just make my life "so much more exciting and bright"


Although it can be argued, Jan certainly gave Marcia a run for her money style-wise as the series came to an end. But c'mon, from the start, Marcia had a covetable wardrobe:
As for Cindy and the boys,
The verdict is still out.

(and from personal experience, I can tell you Greg Brady needs to dress A LOT better before he can act like the jerk he was the day I met him, and let's keep this in mind--I obviously did not meet him when he was cool; see above-where I mention "watching in syndication.")

Regardless, it's possible that after my little trip to Buffalo Exchange (a consignment shop in a nutshell for those not familiar) today, I can give Marsha a run for her money too!

Looks like I just need a belt and there you have it!
Although, sorry Marcia, I like my dress better.

It's certainly going to be a "SUNSHINE DAY" this summer when I wear my new cute dress.
So tell me, which one of you is having the backyard BBQ? I'd love to come over!


Alexandra Hoover said...

You come to Bloomington and we'll MAKE you a BBQ. haha. Love the dress. And thank you for the room compliments!!! It was mostly thrown together with the cheapest furniture I could find and decor I already had, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out!!!

Kelley Anne said...

Cute! I love the dress...and the Brady Bunch aesthetic, especially Marcia's. I just went to Buffalo Exchange for the first time last week.

Isquisofrenia said...

i love when they have the marathons for those shows
i always stay in my jammies and watch them all day long !!
nice score!!

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

That dress is adorable! I love Buffalo Exchange. Annie.