Friday, January 8, 2010

A Dusty Rose Girl in Green

Before the holidays I had the privilage of making Dusty Rose Vintage's acquaintance. (Although I must admit much thanks for such a meeting is in due part to my friend Mel and her past work with Dusty Rose.)

All I know, it's a great honor to be chosen by Dusty Rose as their next "collaboration/project", or whatever we call these types of get togethers :)


Having the opportunity to work with Dusty Rose Vintage was a wonderful time!

I mean vintage, racks and racks at my choosing, dressing up and spinning around in front of my camera for hours and hours--pretty sure that's right up my alley in terms of things "I love to do!"


Here, I chose to pair their 1960's kelly green chandelier print dress w/the following:
-Black suede/patent-leather shoeties-BCBGgirls
-Black opaque tights-HUE
-Silver vintage bracelet w/green stones-Thrift Store
(ah the fun of vintage in a modern-day world, all the possibilties of what to pair it up with so the entire look will transition into real life w/ a retro spin)


With each garment I styled up for Dusty Rose, I imagined myself in a different world, a different time, a whole other era.

This dress made my imagination run wild...
--Thoughts of what I would be like if I lived in the '60s (would I choose the free-lovin' flowerchild attitude, a mod look, just what??)
--Where I'd be jaunting off to in such a lovely get-up (shopping? a friends' house? work? Probably work--maybe I'd be a secretary, afterall I type like a mega-million wpm!)
--Who the woman originally in possesion of the item was (I think she was petite, pretty, probably poised and polite--all those things that make for a classy lady).

All of this was just one more reason I was really eager to get to work on all the vintage goodness they had in their studio. I just adore when I have an opportunity to momentarily escape reality, just by donning a piece of clothing. (Kinda like Halloween, only with an everyday approach, keepin' the costume-y factor on the D-L)
Now (it's getting late, even for a Friday evening at home)so I encourage you to experience similar exciting thoughts, my imaginary flash-backs, and whatever else you come up with, simply check out Dusty Rose Vintage on Etsy...

Not only can you find this 1960's dress, but you'll find a whole slew of amazing vintage items.

Such a good selection you'll find it easy to shop, but hard to stop!


alya said...

Beautiful dress! I love that you kept everything else simple and let it be the stand out.

Second Skin said...

AHHH! YOU LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LADY! I was so completely impressed with the ingenuity of dusty rose when I discovered from mel that they did this kind of thing and you know what! The are freaking GENIUSES because you rock this look SO hard! you are so perfect for this! Love your fantasy too! ARRGG! I just want to step over to your guyses town for like a week and be a part of all this coolness! just a week! thats all I am asking traveling gods!

urbanrhetoric said...

omg. this dress is so perfect. so very. it looks amazing on you!


Dusty Rose Vintage said...

I'm so glad you also enjoy musing on what the previous owner(s) might have been like. There's so much history and cultural context in old clothes! Oh, and this dress looks amazing on you. ;)

Style of a Fashionista said...

Wow that colour is amazing and you look stunning you really can't beat vintage xoxo

xoxo Kellz* said...

i love u here!! u look great in dat dress green rocks on u

Alexandra Hoover said...

Hellllo! This dress is fantastic! I wish they made more dresses in these gorgeously bright eye catching colors these days!! The vintage stuff you and your friend Mel post is always SO good. If Kelly and I make it up to NY anytime soon we're going to need to go to this Dusty Rose.

jane st. clair said...

what an amazing opportunity!

that dress looks like it was custom-made for you. it's perfect on you! you look really great in green.


Jessica said...

Love this dress, that color looks great on you. I like that you styled it with black so that the dress is the focus.