Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vintage View #9


Another vintage dress, another black one at that.

Pretty certain I've worn this before, but not sure I've actually talked in detail about it all.

It's yet again a fabulous find at the Village Thrift Store (or Village Discount Outlet if you want the actual name)in Ohio. I got this one not too long ago while visiting my BFF. (BFF is not as keen on thrift stores as I am, but I really adore her for driving me there and waiting AND WAITING as I scour ever aisle and every rack--Thanks Pal!)

It's a pretty simple dress, just a pretty little lace trim and it's set to go.

Being that it's black, I can kinda make it classy, er Classic, (or am I just puttin' the "ASS" in Class once again?) or whatever one feels like doing with a LBD.
-Black vintage dress, Thrift Store
-Gray cable knit tights, H&M
-Black leather booties, Nine West
-Slender silver watch, X-mas gift
-faux pearls, Thrift Store
So today--it was on with the dainty watch (thanks mom and dad for the xmas present-a style I would've never thought to pick out for myself), and as an afterthought I figured some pearls would do too (luckily I followed the rule, "before leaving the house TAKE-OFF one accessory, they just really AREN'T ME!), and I tried the red lipstick trend I've been seeing in a lot of the fashion mags (although it's a bit too harsh for me, hence why for the rest of the day I opted for my trusty FAVE RAVE--Benetint Lip Gloss).
And oh yeah--I'm in my bathroom; so what!


alya said...

Bathroom or not, the photos are looking good; I see you're figuring out how to operate the new equipment!

Hipstercrite said...

you know, of all the fashion blogs i come across, i think your style is my favorite. keep up the good work!

Isquisofrenia said...

omg how cute is that dress, looks really good on you
love the lacey detail o the cuff.
yeah well probably didnt look good on you (sweater) cuz unlike me you are tall and im a midget hahhah
but maybe try really long sweaters, watch youll see!

Margherita&Eleonora said...

lovely dress!! ^_^


Leproust Vintage said...

That dress is darling! I really enjoy the floral detailing on it. Oh, and I love your photos....are you loving your new camera?!

meri said...

Next time you're secretly in town, you should call me and we'll go on a stealth mission to the amazing thrift stores in my neck of the woods. Especially on half-price Mondays!

Alexandra Hoover said...

I like your shower curtain!!! Sometimes those make the very best backdrops!!!

Anonymous said...

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