Thursday, January 28, 2010


9 out of 10 manicures I get, result in using


(See for details)

My fondness of dark colors started when I had my first bottle of Wet N Wild's classic BLACK.
(As I'm sure you've all owned at one point or another as well).

Then in college I got my first real manicure,
(I know, right? Forget what my nails looked like before then....YIKES!)
for my sister's wedding. I chose O.P.I.'s BLACK TIE AFFAIR; and it was love all over again.

Then a few years ago, we all feel for Lincoln Park After Dark, in fact I still use it. And then the following autumn brought RUSSIAN NAVY, MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW, etc etc etc...

But of all those colors, while tried and true, I have yet to fall for them quite as I have DARKROOM!

I love the deep, almost black shade, with the undertones of green and teal.
In real life it comes out so dark that you almost have to do a double take at times to realize it's true color.
Shown below, the lighting (not my hand or picture by the way)must be hitting in all the right ways because the dark green of it all is really showing.

It's a classy and chic, yet maintains a girl's need to sometimes look like a "bad-ass".
(And it looks pretty cool when it starts to chip too!)

As we gear up for spring, I'll of course opt for some bright cheery colors here and there.
But I'm certain I'll somehow manage to keep Darkroom in my usual mani/pedi routine.
Just because the weather eventually will warm, doesn't mean I have to rid my life of my favorite nail polish shade! Season appropriateness be damned!

So're alright by me!


Putting together these quick pics, I came across some awesome nail blogs.
And once again my curiousity and secret love for nail art is ready to come out and play.
(On occasion I've been known to take sides with the chicks who're rockin' some crazy get-up on their nailbeds. Sometimes it just beats a boring solid color like those uptown lassies, no?)

Right now, I'm particularly fond of what I saw on NailArtWorld's Dec. 30, 2009 post:
You might notice her leopard print/tiger stripe nail-art.

Well I was inspired to whip out my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen and go to work.
Unfortunately, Sally Hansen has let me down...and I have to give a big
to her Nail art Pen.
It blows!

So sorry, no leopard print nails for me, so no picture for you :(


Leproust Vintage said...

ohhh I may give this color a looks awesome! I haven't painted my nails forever, for no good reason. I think I may pick some up tomorrow!

Alexandra Hoover said...

Ohhh I love this post. I'm so jealous of people with gorgeous long nails (but not too long) like you, because I've always been a biter! But I think it's so fun how you've found so many shade of "black" with all the undertones. When I manage to tear myself away from hot pinks and reds that I'm convinced make me look tanner, I've got a deep purple I love! And I may have to start following that nail blog and live my nail-life vicariously through her, because from that one post, it looks pretty awesome!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Nail Polish; my destiny in a spare moment of the day! Right now, im wearing this (what I think to be an exotic colour) named: Toasted Host. It looks like a shear purple blended perfectly with a soft baby gray--is there a such colour as baby gray? Hmmm, that would be cute. Your colour is pretty as well. Tho, it wouldn't look that "lovely" on me....still cute just the same.

Btw, I gave you a blog award!

missDTM said...

love love love dark colors for nails...i'm obsessed!

Wanderlusting Fool said...

ooo this is definitely an interesting color. dark so you get the bad ass-ness (as you said) but greenish tokeep it light (well light as in colored).

haha that might not make sense but I like the color anyways. :)

Wanderlusting Fool

urbanrhetoric said...

like my sis, miss dtm, i love dark colors. lately, i've been rocking a very dark gray that i received for free from f21. not sure why they gave it to me, but i love the color.


Gizelle said...

that nail color is really interesting..and yeah, i love dark colors too (and naturally-hued ones)...they make me hand look lighter...hehe.

Bug said...

Love that color! I found the nail pen to be hard to use too. Smeared everywhere! Cute blog, following you now. Stop by mine and maybe follow too :)