Sunday, January 31, 2010



Today was a day of Flash-Backs....

flashbacks in life (nostalgia for 2001 and "what-if" moments come to mind), flashbacks in my fashion choices (my legwarmers and chain belt were the exact same pieces I was wearing during those nostalgic moments of 2001), just flashbacks frozen into my memory; the kind that I only speak of when I'm being just a bit too honest with myself.

Phew-it was a bit brutal in terms of the day!

1.)we have the aformentioned flashbacks--the kind that occur when you come face to face with a DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS type staredown that you were not prepared for. (even though I knew there was a possibility for it all along. One can only go so long in NYC before seeing someone she "knows")

2.) The weather was not cooperating with one's NEED to be cute at that particular moment, considering cold weather for me means runny noses and teary looking eyes. (oh and lack of feeling in my legs due to what I could've sworn was frostbite at the time)

Nonetheless, I was not about to let the weather or a chance encounter get the best of my day.

In fact, I did not want to resort to my typical cold weather gear of a sweater, jeans, boots, etc....NO! So I convinced myself that a thermal shirt layered underneath a sweater (not to mention a sweater that I had managed to spill white-out across and never had any luck getting the white stain out--nice, I know.), paired with tights and leg warmers would be the way to go.

Well said legwarmers and my chain belt are something I would've paired up with a very similar outfit if it were 2001. I know this for a fact because I can tell you exact parties, exact nights at the bar, exact Wednesday nights at Heavy Metal Karaoke that I wore such an outfit.
All I can say is, the weather and the skirt just lent itself so well to the NEED FOR LEGWARMERS!
So what if it's a version of my 21 year old self.

My whole day turned out to be a flash-back of my 21 year old self!

*Black cowl-neck sweater-H&M
*Sage thermal t-shirt-Target
*Gray snakeskin print denim skirt-H&M
*Blue tights-HUE
*Black legwarmers-Xmas Gift
*Black booties-Nine West

And so that's how it went down.
After freezing my pa-tooty off and coming to terms with some stuff, it was nice to just seek solace with a blanket and my couch.

Tomorrow is a new day, laundry day at that.
Thank heavens for laundry day--cause when I was at Beacon's Closet I just happened top pick up a few items, two of which I simply CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR! (A Moschino skirt for $20! yeah that's right!)


urbanrhetoric said...

i keep on trying to figure out really warm outfits for this weather too...unfortunately, i donated ALL of my leg warmers a couple of years ago and on friday was really kicking myself for that decision. oh well...i'm hoping we at least see 40 degree weather this week!


Francy said...

I love the tights! Fun look!

jane st. clair said...

the cold totally kills my style. i cannot WAIT for it to be warm again. i love your outfit and commend you for wearing it despite the chill!

ANA said...

super cute, love this outfit!

- Ana

Kelley Anne said...

I understand the lack of feeling in the legs...I too went with a dress and sweater yesterday and let me tell you...the tights just weren't doing it.

I hope the blanket and couch helped. I've moved several times in the past few years, so there haven't been any flashback moments in my life recently. I keep waiting to run into certain people when I go home to Florida every year, but it just hasn't happened. Thank goodness:)

I can't wait to see your new dress. Oh and I love the way you wore those blue tights!

Style of a Fashionista said...

Leg warmers are such a great investment at the moment especailly when tights really are not enough, cool outfit love your skirt xoxo

Tuesdai Noelle said...

I'm lovin' the blue tights. Also, I gave you a blog award.

megan marie said...

ive been thinking about leg warmers all day!!! i finally finished knitting my fingerless gloves and i was thinking leg warmers might be my next project. i probably would never wear them, simply because im not as stylish as you, but nonetheless... i still would love to make some!!

meri said...

Ah yes, wardrobe flashbacks. I once stumbled home to Glen Morris, all the way from a party on Mantua, and I lost my stretchy sequined belt along the way. I was able to not lose my fuschia legwarmers, fortunately.

You've always been nice- and pretty! The flashback humans keep living in real life and start looking's a double bummer (for them) when their friendliness dwindles with age, too. Kind of a douche.