Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daily Wear: Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite
Happy Passover Everyone!
I had today off, due to Passover.
And when you don't celebrate such a holiday, its just a free day then.

Unfortunately it rained all day-and it kinda put a damper on my plans.
So I stayed inside, only ran to the grocery, and didn't even have a chance to get outside for real outfit shots. Boo!
(Kinda a waste of a day, considering I rarely get an opportunity to make it outside to capture my daily outfit)

I did however, get my Swap-Shop organized.
What, what's that you say? A "Swap-Shop?"
Yes, its true--you soon will have the opportunity to swap your life with mine, ah hahaha, ok not really. I wouldn't trade you my life in a million years (I'm pretty fond of what I've got going on for myself actually)...but I will gladly trade you some items I no longer need in my life.
So please, hop on over to SWAPPY SECONDS and get acquainted with my "rules" and "ongoing wishlist".
Then, we can start swapping as soon as I post some loot.

Ok, so today's outfit...
Let's see--rain, overcast skies, gloomy weather;
yep, perfect opportunity to brighten things up a bit.
And on with this dress!

I think I should start wearing red more often. (I don't really find myself drawn to it though, hmmm...that could be a problem) I do have several pieces in this tomato-red shade, a bit on the orange-y undertone side of things. I always see myself as more of a cool tone girl, thinking that I have to stick to the blue undertones of cherry reds. But come to think of it, I usually do like the outcome on the rare occasion I wear one of these warmer toned red shades. So yeah, I should probably try this color more often.
Unless, you suggest otherwise-then I'm open to hearing what you think.
(Although, let's face it, I'll listen but most likely will still do what I want)

So what's your take on red?
It's sometimes a difficult color, right?
Do you like it-hate it-never wear it-love it?

*Red vintage dress-Beacon's Closet (Park Slope)
*Brown Belt-NY&Co.
*Black leggings-Forever 21
*Brown wedge boots-Old Navy

And if you follow me on Twitter,
You saw that Mel and I went to see She & Him last night.
Calm your jealousy people--while the concert was pretty rad, I'll have you know the venue smelled like an indoor pool and the beer smelled like a stink-bomb. Uhhhhhhhhh.

Oh, but for those living under a rock (and I know how that goes, so I'm not poking fun at you)-She & Him is a girl/guy band made up of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward
(and yes, Mr. Ward-I accept your hand in marriage! Vegas, tomorrow? Sure!)
She & Him,Concert
Sorry about the fuzzy pictures-no photography allowed at the concert!
Well that didn't stop us from taking some shots...sooooo sneaky I know!
concert,Zooey Deschanel,She & Him
The ever-so cute Zooey:
She & Him,Concert,Zooey Deschanel

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Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)!

First, those pictures were a mistake?! Not to me. I thought taking them in a blurry format was on purpose....I LOVE it, it's REAL creative! As for the colour red? I HATE it! And on me? It's SO ugly...but you wear it very well!! Ahaha@ Vegas....hey whatever happens in Vegas stays there hehe.

Have a fab day :)

Alexandra Hoover said...

I LOVE red. Especially with dark hair! I really wish I had more of it. I don't come across any REALLY cute stuff in a true red all that often, so I think that's going to be my summer goal. They do say it attracts the lads, ya'know! Haha.

BUT! You'll be excited to know I've got my first give-away set to go up tomorrow morning :-) One of the things actually reminds me a lot of you. Or, ok, maybe both of them. I think you'll understand when you see it.

Lisa said...

That's what of what I miss about living in NYC - all those holidays that the rest of the country never takes off. :o(

Gorgeous dress though, what a nice shot of color - and I AM jealous you got to see Zooey live - another thing I miss about living in NYC ...

Alyson said...

WAAAHHHOOOO! I love your swappy seconds idea! That's going to be incredible.

I think this tomato-ish red does look really good on you. My blonde-ish hair, blue eyes, and fair skin make it really easy for me to wear reds. I love wearing red!

Oh Zooey, so pretty!

merly k said...

I'm buying up every owl pendant I see from now on, simply so that I can guarantee myself a win for whatever swap item you toss up on there. BRILLIANT idea, and I'm just a bit bitter I didn't think of it first.

don't even get me started on the jealously level for the she and him concert. grrrrrrrrrrrrowl.

Neekoh said...

These colors looks great on you. So fresh!

Live Love LA

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

i love red and i love she and him. nuff said. xo

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love your swap blog, I collect owl jewelry too- so I may be convinced to try to barter some with you for something on your blog!
Love the boots and dress combo here, it's still springy!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Spring into Spring giveaway

Jessica said...

It goes without saying, but I am INCREDIBLY jealous that you guys got to see She & Him.

I'm gonna get in on this Swappy Seconds thing...I have a ton of nice stuff I don't wear anymore that needs to get out of my closet!