Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dusty Rose Vintage: Mafia Widow


I am soooooooooo "Married to the Mob"!

We all are, in this Dusty Rose Vintage photoshoot.

Or shall I say, we WERE so married to the mob?
Such a mafiosa widow look, no?
While we're all mourning the loss of our mob-boss husband, whatever he was...
there's no mourning going on about this sultry, show-your-lingerie, little number.

-Oh no, this LBD is just the right mix of light and airy, perfect for the sheer look the magazines are calling for this spring.

-Yet perfectly appropriate (with a slip underneath or course) for a classy dinner, a chic cocktail party, or a funeral (god forbid).

So whether or not you dare to go bare, or stick to your modest ways, this dress is a fine LBD for many occasions.

(now please child...stop looking at my nearly naked body--it might make your eyes bleed.
And goodness gracious, lets hope my family doesn't see this post.
This is so way BEYOND SHEER FOR ME! I'm such a prude.)
It was said I shed a single tear that sad-sad day.
Um, yeah right! I'm such a "hard-ass", no crying allowed at photoshoots.
And the "funeral scene" I'm attempting to set, well its just fiction.

Ok, ok...enough of my nonsense.
You know the thing I really enjoy about collaborating with Dusty Rose Vintage?
It's these photoshoots, we all have such imaginations that we completely get into these "themes" and we just go with it. It's like being a little girl in this make-believe world.
And it really is fun to put on all these clothes, because in a way, it transforms you for a small amount of time into a chic lady one moment, to a cold-hearted mafia widow the next.
Both of which I am not!
(cold-hearted yes, widow-no)

And yes, its make-believe in these photos-but their garments are all quite versatile and all so very relevant in today's world.
This dress could transition from the 1980's into today with extreme ease.
And that's what I love about the well curated selection of vintage DVR has.
Really if your a modern girl in love with vintage, their items really do fit into your lifestyle with the right styling.

1980s sheer black ALBERT NIPON dress

with peplum and pleats

(click HERE to purchase @ Dusty Rose Vintage, accessories not included)

Visit DVR's etsy store for further purchase details on the dresses worn by Showgirl Godzilla and Idee_geniale
And don't forget to visit Dusty Rose Vintage's Blog for more photos and their commentary on this particular shoot.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

This is my FAV look of yours this month! Conservative yet sophiscated it.

Mel said...

You three look so lovely! I adore the all-black ensembles, so chic and retro!

Eli said...

holy cow you all look amazing!!

Charlie said...

you look gorgeous!

Neekoh said...

Gorgeous! I loooove this post :D

Live Love LA

Hipstercrite said...

Wow! You look really beautiful. As Felix da Housecat says, "You wear it well..."

Anonymous said...

You three look OFF THE HOOK! Can I say that? Well regardless, you girls look great!!


Dusty Rose Vintage said...

Gah!!!! The group photo is so much better than any I had! He must have been shooting from a better angle. I LOOOVE your shot. So excited for the park shoot! Hope you ladies all enjoy the spring while I'm in cold, rainy England.

Isquisofrenia said...

this outfit is so amazing on you! you look fabulous love love the hat
looking gorgeous!!!i bet is fun all this photoshoots ha

hahhah omg yes willie nelson,with the exeption that i dont smoke joints hahha

and no i havnet seen it yet!
i trust you, better be good and i have to see it soon
how was dakota???
i dont like k.s either!ill judge after seeing it!
have a nice weekend!

augustalolita said...

absolutely gorgeous photos & outfit!! timeless & super sexy!! i love it!!

and thanks for stopping by my blog :) history buffs are awesome!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

Omigod LOVE. I am obsessed with mafia wives and LBDs, so I am totally adoring this. You all look fabulous.

FashionJazz said...

U look amazing hun!!!! Hope u have been well! Mwah xxx

Indy said...

Wow, this is soooo coool! I love your theme and the outfits are GORGEOUS!

fhen said...

gorgeous dear! love your outfit!
by the way have just followed you
mind to follow me back? :)


Alecto said...

gah you 3 are ferocious. and can we talk about those dresses?! I don't think "amazing" quite covers it.

Anonymous said...

I love these outfits and these pictures! So great!!