Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dusty Rose Vintage: Pretty in Pink

This time around, we dressed up like some PINK LADIES for Dusty Rose Vintage.
We were decked out in lovely pale pink confections from different eras.

As you may have seen by now on other blogs such as Dusty Rose Vintage, Idee_geniale, etc.--these dresses are very reminiscent of the movie Pretty in Pink.

(Although, this is a fave movie of mine, I do have to admit I giggle everytime I see the scene of Andie attempting to draw up her prom dress--in this particular scene, they don't even show her face. So one would think that they could hire a stand-in for her-somebody that actually had illustration skills. But no, pretty certain they used Molly Ringwald's lackluster drawing abilities because that is by far the worst fashion sketch I've ever seen!)
dustyrose vintage 061
And how funny is it that a little flamingo friend found his way into Mel's hair? He's so very necessary for such a photoshoot of course.

I had the pleasure of wearing a lovely pastel pink 1960's dress.
It has these tiny clear stone settings on the buttons adding just the right does of glitz to an otherwise beautifully simplistic silhouette.

(Now I admit, I do this dress no justice because it is not fit to me. If one had the womanly hips so required to fill out the bottom skirt portion, I imagine this dress would be a dream fit. It's so perfectly lady-like; it would show your assets while still being classy.)
On me:
1960's Pastel Pink Strapless Dress with Rhinestone Button Detail

-For sale @ Dusty Rose Vintage
dustyrose vintage 072

I was particularly in awe of the dress Showgirl Godzilla wore.
Such a demure, ballerina-esque dress,
Any young girl would look so beautiful and innocent wearing this.
On Nikka:
1950's Pastel Pink Prom Dress

-Also for sale @ Dusty Rose Vintage

Idee_geniale wore a 1980's dress.
The crinkled gauzy fabric added an interesting texture while the chiffon bow detail added a nice dose of feminine balance.
The dress lends itself to a number of accessorizing techniques--whether its a simple diamond bracelet, a lovely necklace, or a plastic flamingo in the hair (as shown above)
On Mel:
1980's Pastel Pink Party Dress w/Chiffon Bow Detail

-For sale @ Dusty Rose Vintage



Indy said...

You guys always look like you're having so much fun! I love the pink dresses, esp. the ballerina one!

Alexandra Hoover said...

Haha ok, now I'm going to have to go watch Pretty in Pink tonight. Thanks for yet another excuse to procrastinate. ;-)

(And that little flamingo is my favorite!!!)

Alecto said...

Aw! beautiful structure, beautiful color, beautiful smiles...You all look so lovely in your tea-time dresses :-)

kellywanhainen said...

nickie, you look so so pretty! looove all these outfits!

Isquisofrenia said...

love pretty inpink here!
you guys look so gorgeous
love the top your wearing!

Neekoh said...

Pink looks GREAT on you!!