Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daily Wear: Goodbye Fall/Winter


Brrr....kinda chilly here in NYC today. So much for it almost being April.
I had laundry on my list of "things-to-do", so with the weather and my task in mind I kept it casual. I actually used today as an opportunity to get in one last Fall-ish outfit before I switch out my closet's wardrobe.
(for those not living in small cramped spaces, A.K.A. NYC, you may not be familiar with the biannual practice of "rotating the closet". There's so little space that the opposite season's wardrobe has to be packed away in suitcases, boxes, etc and hid in any space it will fit as there's hardly any closet space whatsoever--and yes there's a tendancy for it to cramp your style).


I honestly don't know where I was going with this outfit; I put on jeans and a t-shirt as is my usual for laundry day. But then I realized it was cold outside, so I reached for my boyfriend's vintage flannel-he never wears it so why not let me?

And I knew I wanted to wear one of my bomber jackets-because I love to wear them! They are soooo perfectly matched to my personality. They take any outfit I wear and make it suitable for me, completely regardless of whatever I wear beneath.

So I paired it all up, and noticed I looked a bit like a lumberjack. YIKES!
Even though it was just laundry day, I certainly was not down with the clothing overwhelming me with its bulky size.
On with the belt!
Woo....quick save.

Today is probably the last day you'll see me in such a fall-ish outfit, for a while at least. I'm looking forward to the warmer temps, the sunshine, and the dog days of summer
(did you get that? When do I like the dog days of summer?? I'm such an autumn lover, I can't believe I just said I'm ready for summer)
I'm not saying I'll do away with all my fall/winter items just yet, but I will most definitely be incorporating more and more spring-esque pieces into the mix.

So I think Tuesday (because I won't be working-its Passover! Wooo, no work, and I'm not Jewish--FREE DAY OFF FOR ME!)
I will rotate my wardrobe, dig out the old spring/summer and put away the fall/winter.
(which means, I'll have a bajillion items to rid my life of--which leads me to a little surprise venture I'll be telling you all about in the near future)
Sun. 3/28/10-Laundry Day
Chilly weather be damned, it's almost freakin April...that's why I'm gonna rotate the closet.
So a big fat adios to Winter--HELLO SPRING/SUMMER!

*Gray bomber jacket-H&M
*Vintage flannel shirt-Boyfriend's Closet
*Black graphic tee-Forever 21
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown suede boots-Carlos Santana
*Black/gold skinny belt-Forever 21
*Gold hoop earrings-Forever 21


Mel said...

I love your bomber jacket! It's very autumn-like indeed!

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I love your photoshoot with shovel and all. Definitely feels like fall. Excited to see your springtime wears. Annie.

Little Ocean Annie said...

I love it! That shirt is super awesome, and I can see why you would snatch it up!

Charlie said...

love the shirt!

Sarah K. said...

ooh, are you going to have a blog shop? that would be exciting.

I love your bomber jacket, too!

Alexandra Hoover said...

Needless to say when I got this I had to pass it on to you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the boots! and too bad about the was going so well (especially here in Boston) but apparently it will be warmer by the end of this week (hopefully in ur area too!)

Delightfully Tacky said...

We still have about a foot of snow...

Catherine said...

Very cute look! I know exactly what you mean about fall outfits. I always end up wearing them anyway... haha.

its simple love said...
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its simple love said...

I love that grey bomber. Your photography site is amazing. Love the background, it makes your outfit pop.

p.s. Be sure to check out my lovely little giveaway my dear!