Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Primary Lesson in Polka Dots

As I mentioned last weekend, I did a photoshoot for Dusty Rose Vintage.
This time it was a group effort, making for a super awesome, hilarious, and overall good time.


As the day progressed we found ourselves getting zanier and zanier.
This match-up of primary polka dot goodness was just one of those moments.

In actuality, it just goes to show how amazing Dusty Rose's stock of clothing is. To be able to outfit 3 girls in such a perfect pairing of polka dots, well its incredible! And it just means Dusty Rose's studio is a girl's dream come true--clothes, clothes, and more clothes!!!

And I'm pretty certain its indisputable that this grouping is pure polka dot perfection!

All polka dot dresses shown here are available for purchase at Dusty Rose Vintage's Shop
Click HERE for details


For the shoot, I was outfitted in a
1980's red and white polka dotted sundress.
(more photos and purchase details HERE)


And its beyond cute when paired with these little gloves!
I'm thinking a nice picnic in the park w/the beau is the way to go in this little number.
Summer is right around the corner, and this is a perfect item for the sunny days ahead!


But now, without further adieu, let me also introduce you to my model friends that made the event such a riot of a day.

wearing a 1980's Albert Nipon blue/white polka dot halter dress.
(more photos and purchase details HERE)

She's so much fun and we laugh at mostly everything we say to one another--so of course I like hanging out with this girl!

wearing a 1980s Bergdorf Goodman Yellow Polka Dot Trench
(more pictures and purchase details HERE)

Ok, so we all know I hang out with her several times a week. Of course she'd be a part of this too. And need I even get into why I'm friends with her?
Besides our shared liking of clothes, we just have lots of good times together.


Ah, what a day! So Fun, really!
We laughed, we gossiped, we laughed some more, and had such a wonderful time with eachother that I think its safe to speak for everyone when I say ,
"we simply cannot wait to work together with Dusty Rose again."


Mel said...

Oh you three look gorgeous! I love the colors and the polka dots!

Charlie said...

love these photos, looks like so much fun!

cadencesmama said...

oh my goodness - you look amazing!!! red is definitely your color =)

urbanrhetoric said...

in all the pictures i have seen, i never noticed those amazingly awesome gloves. they are so cute and perfect and, well, awesome. i might start investing in driving gloves. it just seems like something i need in my life.

looks like you had a great time!


girlxoxo said...

I can't believe she found red polka dot gloves too - so cuyute as are all you girlies :-)

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

I realized way too late that we totally should have had Henry the dalmatian in these shots!!!!!! I'm gonna do a dog shot post soon.

I've already been scheming up new looks for a shoot. I'll have it all pulled together when I get back from England.

Thanks for being such an awesome model. And for not laughing so hard that there were any "accidents". ;)

Kate said...

You three look awesome!
And the dresses are gorgeous.

Kate x

Indy said...

OMG this is awesome!

Lisa said...

You ladies all look gorgeous! The red dress is beautiful and those gloves KILL it.

Catherine said...

Adorable! Those dresses are so fun! What a cool photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

That dress is kickass, and these photos are so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

You all look gorgeous and like you had a wonderful time! Annie.