Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daily Wear: Deja Vu


It's a case of deja vu?

Nope, I really did wear this skirt like 2 wks ago (see?)--along with keeping the outfit about 95% the same. Sometimes a girl has no time to be creative.

To make it slightly different this time around, I changed up the top portion from last time, but kept the same color palatte.
This time I paired a lightweight, sheer turtleneck with a slouchy-fit tencel cardi.
My "creativity" comes in with the tying of the cardigan. I felt the front knot not only gave it a much needed fitted shape to my bodice (considering this is a way to balance out the full skirt) and it also lent itself to having a bit of a ballerina inspired look.
(or am I just completely dillusional on that last part?)


Now I understand I lured a lot of you in tonight with yesterday's mention of a new haircut. Sorry to let you down, nothing drastic took place.
It looks the same, just like this outfit, maybe 95% the same. So much so that you probably can't even tell a "new haircut" is at hand, can you?

I'll tell you what I did.
I went in there after work and said, "I want this hairstyle, specifically the piece-y bang, the rest you can leave as it is-just a trim on the split ends please. Oh...and I'll take a few little short layer pieces here and there at eye level."

Now I also have to tell you, these pictures are from yesterday. My stylist does not put any product in my hair, and that's fine--I think we both prefer him to just blowdry it so I don't catch pneumonia and then we'll both be on our merry ways.

I however, on a daily basis, put about 3-5 products in my hair. Therefore, the texture and look of my hair is always much different than what I leave the salon with.
So what you see here is not exactly an accurate depiction of what I have managed to achieve today. You'll see it soon enough, I tend to gunk it up and make it much more piece-y and "edgy" shall I say? My stylist tends to go a more classic route opting for curled under edges, shine, and flat hair. (again this probably goes back to the fact that he never puts any product in it)
I am also not extremely thrilled with it at the moment--ask me again next week. I've come to know my hair quite well-it takes nearly 1 week after the cut to get it to be what I want.
So let's say by next Thursday its going to be what I intended.
Now its just kinda, "eh".

And there you have it...all that hair hoopla I promised, and you only get this!
I'm sure you're already over it.

*Black cardigan-Uniqlo
*Black turtleneck-Target
*Pink skirt-H&M
*Black opaque tights-HUE
*Black suede shoeties-BCBGgirls

Ok, now I'm so excited about what I came across makes me smile, it makes me proud, it makes me super giddy--and completely ready for summertime.

SewMeSomeLove (she's come to be like a little sister after all these years of knowing her) is working on putting together a portfolio. I've completely recruited her as my summer intern
and hopefully one day my full-blown assistant!
(lucky girl...hahaha-yes, I'm tooting my own horn. Toot-Toot)

And she's hinted at having a Giveaway on her blog very, very soon. All we have to do is help her reach 20 followers--not too hard, just follower her and before we know it she'll be having her giveaway (oh I'm soooooooo entering! Did you see those beautiful rings--talented I tell you!)


Mel said...

I love your outfit, the skirt color is lovely! Haha don't worry, 90% of my outfits are basically the same except with rotating pieces.

urbanrhetoric said...

the skirt is the perfect shade of pink (and i wouldn't know what else to wear it with...i would want to pair it with black over and over again...)

a summer intern? how exciting! will she work at your irl job or on this site? i'm going to check her out right now...


Alyson said...

It takes me about a week to really start loving my hair again after I get it trimmed up. There is the first day of getting it cut, then there is the next day where you don't wash it, then day three-seven you are trying to get the right proportion of product to messy hairish.

Hipstercrite said...

very pretty and fem. like a ballerina. love it!

kellywanhainen said...

aww, thank you nickie! sorry i keep missing your calls!! :(

Indy said...

What a gorgeous skirt!