Monday, March 1, 2010

Daily Wear: That was like the best diet ever.

Michele: Remember the prom? You got so thin by then.
Romy: Oh, I know. I was so lucky getting mono. That was like the best diet ever.

Ah, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion!

Such a classic, but oh-so-true statement made in part by Romy.

All I'm getting at here, is that being sick DOES have a plus side.
And while I do not condone throwing up your guts to be some impossible size we see in magazines, one must admit it feels pretty darn good to put on an outfit only to find that you're looking/feeling a bit leaner than the last time.
And to this, I can only chalk it up to being sickly over the weekend.

So ok, now that I'm back to decent health, I am not going to lie, I kinda like that my clothes are a bit looser. So maybe I managed to lose all of 1-2lbs over the course of 2 days; I'll take it.
I'll take it, and proceed to gain lost poundage by end of the week-just watch me.
On another note, I think I touched on this last time I wore the skirt (I wore it only one other time, oddly enough, it was right after I got sick the last time. Maybe it's my "Hey I'm not sick anymore" skirt?), its a wee bit-ok a way bit-on the short side, especially for work.
So it could be called "inappropriate" for the workplace.

But here's my rationale for wearing something @ guestimation to be 6-7" above my knee:
1. I work in a creative field-and dressing as I please to look "trendy" is appropriate
2. Tempering the look/length with all black keeps it from looking vulgar.
(Bare legs, then we got a problem)
3. And I like that it makes me look wayyyyyy taller than I really am.

So until these legs give-way due to old(er) age, I'm gonna keep on wearing my miniskirts.
So double fisted-middle finger-up to "office appropriate".

Wear what you like, appropriate or not, keep it in good taste/don't do anything "inappropriate" and you're good to go.
And my new little t-shirt. With the puffed lace sleeve, I can't help but think its a bit reminiscent of a bodysuit I'd probably try to stuff my 13 year old body into back in junior high.
(funny story on me, bodysuits, and my so called "guy pals" thinking it was goodtimes to tell others that I "stuffed". Little did they know I was just really really awkwardly "growing" if you will! Story of my life! Better yet, these same boys, also thought it was fun to change my initials around and transform my full name into something of the likes of "Sticky Nads" Yes, seriously--they called me "Sticky Nads"!! So just stick it out thru junior high kids, I promise you'll turn out ok...or as OK as I turned out. Hey, I make my parents "proud" so I can't be that bad)
And yes...this was once a "style-blog",
not an account of my "not-so-traumatizing, yet hilarious, early teen years",
so let's get on with what I was wearing (after the sickness diet I swear by!):

*Black lace puff t-shirt-H&M
*Fuchsia wool miniskirt-Express (via Marshalls)
*Black tights-HUE
*Black necklace-Forever 21
*Black boots-Jessica Simpson

(Oh, and I'm sooooo eyeing a pair of J. Simpson platforms for summertime--I'm addicted to that girl's shoes, what can I say?
I now hang my head in shame--oh sheesh!)


Clare said...

I LOVE the double buttons on that skirt!

Alexandra Hoover said...

Haha you are so funny! I don't think the outfit looks inappropriate at all, and I love the skirt. Now I'm off to try to catch some sort of sickness... haha.

Jennie Going West said...

i too secretly desire the js platforms...

"i'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight!"

Jessica said...

Love the Romy and Michelle quote - that movie is hilarious. Your skirt is adorable!

showgirl godzilla said...

you aren't inappropriate in the slightest. you are adorable all around. and yes, we will have to brunch again now that you're not throwing your guts up. wahoo!

Delightfully Tacky said...

That skirt is so cute. I totally agree with you, shorter skirts make me look so much taller! Even though they maaay be just a smidge too short for work. Luckily I sit in front of computer all day so I don't flash anyone.

Francy said...

I love this outfit! The skirt is so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Really cute skirt! I feel the same way about office skirts, I work in a corporate world were some skirts may not make the cut. However I think you made yours look adorable!

last time I was super sick I lost 7 pounds in 3 days, then gained it all back by the end of the week.

daisymay said...

The skirt is so cute, but I really love those lace shoulders, so awesome!

Little Ocean Annie said...

You look like such a babe! I love it! And I so just streamed that movie last week! It's so hilarious and awful in the best way possible.

Indy said...

I loooooooooove the shoulder detailing on that blouse! And that skirt is adorable.

Neekoh said...

Hey hey! I'm not gonna lie and say that's horrible - your body does it naturally, right? Hah.
Either way, looking great! The over-sized buttons really make me like the skirt more.
<3 Romy & Michele, too :D


Candycane said...

That skirt is adorable - so so pretty!

I love Romy and Michelle too :)

I also had a nickname similar to that as an anagram of my name ...

CC xXx

Lara said...

Ok, so disclaimer: I am REALLY behind in comments lately. So, I apologize this is late. I LOVE LOVE your post about Daria! I think that post summarized why I love your blog: You actually remember grunge, you are OK with dressing grunge, and you freely accept that grunge really doesn't exist anymore in mainstream fashion but that doesn't stop you from still living it sometimes. And now I am totally going to wear my Doc Martens this weekend (cant at work...)due to your post. And Trent WAS the hottest cartoon. I think it was because he resembled a mix between (by name-sake) Trent Rexnor, Billy Joe Armstrong, and Gavin Rossdale. Which of course epitomizes mid nineties hot-dom.

Totally just decided my next post is me a la 1994 style...just have to find flannel and mini jean skirt with fishnets....

augustalolita said...

super cute outfit!! i love the red skirt!! the buttons make it so adorable!!