Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daily Wear: Exposing the Ghostly Limbs

What's a girl like me to do when it's 89degrees in April?
(true story--I left work at 6:05pm, the billboard nearby w/a thermometer attached said 89!)

Oh yeah-bust out a coat of Neutrogena Spray Tan stuff, hope to wake up without any streaks, and expose those pale white girl legs to the world.
Aaaaaah-someone like me is just NOT READY for summertime! Spring yes, summer-not quite.
If I took care of my feet during the winter I would've had no problem slipping on a pair of sandals today too...but I'm in DESPERATE NEED of a Pedicure. DESPERATE!
Thank goodness for boots I suppose--they kinda help me ease into summer when worn without tights, yet they hide your eyes from my gnarly toes.
(I can say that because I honestly hate feet-everyones, including mine!)
And that brings me to tomorrow.

I've got to get ready for the next time we experience unseasonably warm weather. I want to try to fully embrace it by actually putting on the open toe shoes, not hiding in boots.
Even if that means self tanning streaks and exposing toes (but I will have nicely painted ones next time around).

-So tomorrow after work I'm treating myself to a long overdue mani/pedi.
-Then, I have to say, I probably will not be blogging until Sunday/Monday.
I'm skipping town, whisking away to an undisclosed location (as not to ruin any surprises if a certain somebody is reading this blog--although he's probably not; and NO, its not a secret BF).

When I return from my trip, I'll have some dress pictures (cause I plan to wear dresses), some casual-attire pictures (cause I'm going to an uber casual location, phew!), and lots of social pictures (cause that's what I do best).
The premature summer outfit includes:
*T-shirt, Target
*Chambray skirt, Urban Outfitters
*Wedge heeled boots, Old Navy
*Braided belt, Thrift Store
*Wooden necklace, Forever 21
*Vintage necklace, gift

And I don't really know where I was going with this post. I started out talking about pale legs, and ended up on some random tangent about not blogging for a few days.
Yeah-I should just leave it at that.

(Plus I'm watching a Netflix movie and BF hates when I choose the movie-usually something he'd never decide upon, then I make us watch it but I only half-ass view it because I blog simultaneously. I can see how that's annoying. Oh, but I netflixed Good Hair--has anyone seen it? It's pretty funny actually; its a documentary mostly on African-Americans' ongoing struggles with their hair ideal, or their embracing of their natural texture. It's ending in this awesome hair show--oh man, I gotta watch this!)


Clare said...

I love that skirt! The buttons are so cute. Enjoy your warm weather, 'cause it's rainy and cold in Chi-town this week.

akaCola said...

yea my legs are a little pale from the winter still too :/...but love your skirt and boots they are very cute!!

Alexandra Hoover said...

I envy that pedicure. And so do my feet. Normally by now they would have had some beach time and natural exfoliation, but no such luck this year. Ew.

By the way...

girlxoxo said...

Man, I have been avoiding sandals too because the chipped nail polish is so not cute. Good Hair - on the one hand I hate how it kind of made fun of us black women and th insame things we do to our hair; on the other hand, it's true that we do some insane things to our hair :-)

Kelley Anne said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I saw this listing on Etsy and thought of you ( Cheers!

Hipstercrite said...

i have to wear sunglasses while shaving my legs.

Alyson said...

Oh you're very brave. My legs are pretty ghastly. When my car got broken into on Sunday, I just sat on my porch in my easter dress hoping to get some sun on my legs. I don't think I got too much sun. I never do!

You look pretty tan though. Go get a pedicure!

Lara said...

You guys are all luck out there! Its 80 there and 45 here! Horrible. Also, I FINALLY posted myself (and posted in general...been busy) in the skirt you sent!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR STyLeeeee!!!! GREAT!!!!!

nice blog sweety!!!! I LIKE it!!! i folloW you I hOpe You Fooolllooww me TOooo???
kissssss from germany ;*)

Anonymous said...

love this skirt girl!

xo, Kim

Second Skin said...

Hey!! I just read your comment to me on chictopia, and seeeeriously don't even sweat it! I am a habitually terrible commenter though I have been paying attention to your fantastic DRV shoots and recaps! You are so freaking hilarious! I love the way you tied that scarf in the post before this one and those sunnies are fantastic! AND those Swappy Seconds (I mean that whole concept and everything!) vests are so great! Have a fun weekend! Oh real quick, My word verification word for this post is "ritch" like a new pop word for a rich bitch! So funny right!

fhen said...

love this outfit!
pretty colour of tshirt and awesome boots :)

Robyn said...

Haha you are too funny. I have just come to accept my ghostly limbs, but good luck getting yours tanned for summer. Cute skirt btw.

Leproust Vintage said...

hahaha omg. I feel like I wrote this post! I had to toss a quick coat of polish on my nasty winter toes the other day when sandals were a must. I am disgusted by my icky pale legs (your look fabulous by the way!!), and I too blog non stop during netflix time. Robin hates it.

I hope that your weekend was a great time! Can't wait to hear about it!

hopefulheart said...

i love that skirt! i saw one in zara that was almost exactly the same, i went back and it was gone when i went to get it! i'm so sad!

jp xx