Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daily Wear: Easy Like Sunday Morning

I kinda missed out on a Weekend Rewind this past weekend.
With my buddy being out of town, I just took it way too casual to even blog about.
(meaning, I had no real places to go, nothing to dress up for, and no crazy good-times to report)

I just hung out with BF all weekend--lucky him, I know (PSYCHE!)
BF doesn't like when I take too much time to get ready just to walk down the street, or go to the Outlet Mall as was the case this weekend. So, I tend to opt for jeans and a t-shirt when hanging with the BF. That way, I'm comfy, and he's happy cause I get ready in a jiffy.
But it makes for rather lackluster blogging that's for sure.
Sunday was no different, it was Easter-but what were we doing? NOTHING
(and why am I only now getting around to talking about Easter Sunday?)
As the weather was splendid, I managed to convince BF to stop playing video games long enough to take me to my favorite British fish and chips restaurant (Chip Shop). We strolled hand in hand down the street and around the corner--
and I proceeded to shove my face full of the most gigantic piece of fried cod I've ever seen!
(Look @ it HERE!!!)

What a classy Easter we had...again big fat PSYCHE!
Sunday Casual
So Easter Sunday was just like any other Sunday...
and I took it easy, opted for the casual, and enjoyed the fact that I was not dressed frivolously.

(Ok, so the scarf was probably unnecessary and a bit "frivolous", but who am I to hold back on the accessories? )

How exactly did you spend your Easter?
Or was it just another Sunday because you don't celebrate?
Was anyone as lame as I was about the holiday?
The Casual Attire Includes:

*Gray cardigan-Gap
*White t-shirt-Target
*Taupe heels-UrbanOutfitters
( its actually a sash from a blouse)


Clare said...

I LOVE those sunglasses, and the scarf and heels are such great accessories!

Charmalade said...

Your casual outfit is casually awesome, but can we please talk about that giant piece of fried deliciousness??? Makes my mouth water, I looove me some fish and chips. :D

Toast with Charmalade

girlxoxo said...

Your casual outfit has style! Easter Sunday was church, bbq, movies & wine.

Alexandra Hoover said...

These sunglasses are GOOD. And your hair is looking quite fantastic!

Leproust Vintage said...

This outfit is anything but boring. Actually, it is my most favorite blog outfit that I have seen today! The scarf is so pretty, and I love how you tied it!

Glad to hear I am not the only person who had an untraditional Easter! Robin and I sat around are back courtyard area at our apartment in barefeet drinking beer. ha!

alya said...

The scarf is the perfect, don't-piss-off-the-boyfriend-with-how-much time-you're-taking-to-get-ready accessory. I love the way you've tied it.

And I definitely go lame on all holidays, Easter included. My friend and I dyed our hair together...pretty sure it's supposed to be eggs...

Eli said...

could have sworn those heels were vintage! love this outfit with the jeans!

lamia said...

Very nice outfit!! the bag is gorgeous!!!

The Daily Fashionista said...

You look totally cute in your jeans! I'd wear something like that to go grab some fish and chips for sure:)

Barbora said...

Really nice! Love the scarf!!!
PS: Thought we were exchanging links:)))

"fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

Charlie said...

love the outfit, especially the bag. Me and BF were just as lame as you I guess, we didn´t celebrate either, except for me cooking lovely dinners but that´s something I do whenever I get the chance so I guess it doesn´t count...

missDTM said...

these glasses are really from f21?!?! whattttttt. i love them!

Isquisofrenia said...

this outfit is so amazing!
i was gonna wear jeans kinda loose like this but i chose tight ones,but hey those glasses are so goood on you!
i want your shoes!

Neekoh said...

The bag is so awesome! And the scarf is the perfect addition to spruce up the everyday :D


Alecto said...

I've seen the fushia combo of that skirt but when I stared at it, I couldn't imagine anything I owned going with it. The close-up pic of you in the giant sunnies is aDORable.