Monday, April 12, 2010


As I mentioned in my previous post, I was jaunting off to Ohio for the weekend.
I was whisked away by an engagement party I wouldn't have missed.
Big Congrats to Kevin and Sharlene--so glad I got to see you two again!

I wore the same outfit I had worn to the Chictopia Fashion Week party back in September.
You see, it was snowing the day I touched down in Ohio, so I figured it was a perfect opportunity to sneak in one more wear of the fall-ish dress.

-Satin multi-color dress, Alberto Makali
-Black peeptoe booties, Steve Madden
-Black patent-leather vintage purse, Thrift Store
-Black bomber jacket, H&M

Also, I'm pleased to announce
I snapped some pics of Ralphe's house from "A Christmas Story".
Interesting right? The movie supposedly takes place in Terra Haute, IN--but the house is actually in Cleveland, OH.
(Then again, pretty sure Roseanne did not live in Evansville, IN--but the house they show the outside of on the sitcom, well its actually in Evansville, IN--holla! So I guess that just happens like that sometimes).


I also had the pleasure of staying with my BFF and her funny husband all weekend.
Lots of good, silly times, laughter, and more good times.

And, while in Ohio, we had another party to attend. BFF's husband just became a liscensed architect so we had a bit of a celebration for him at this one bar.
And at that one bar a whirlwind of my own friends showed up to greet me--I couldn't believe all the familiar faces that came out to visit with me a short while.

Such as my two lil' partners/ buddies who helped me form
(a little girl group of hellions I put together back in the day...think the Hell's Angels, without the bikes and the manly demeanor; I'd like to think we were a force to be reckoned with-a bit of a "well-known" gang around Cleveland if you will. Oh the glory days!)
and yes, its true, we 3 gals do not look that tough-but we can be firecrackers if we want to be.
I miss you Meghan and Dinah!

And my dudes-they're Wild as a Mink fans of course
(probably by default because they have to be...)
Ok Jason and Darren--remember what we spoke about, and remember that Jarrod is ready to come visit w/any given 2wks notice--so save your money and crash my place already!

And I have to say...Cleveland was the best place for me to FINALLY wear my ribcage Rodarte dress. You see, I got it on the clearance rack for super cheap about 2 months ago. But in NYC, well wearing it at that time would've been like 2 months after the fact, right?
So I packed it up and put it on for the little bar celebration, thinking that no one in Cleveland would care if its long past its prime.
Well turns out, no one in Cleveland even knew what I was talking about, let alone did they realize it was from Target or that it was "old".
Oh the perks of the midwest!
At the bar I wore:
-Sequined "ribcage" dress, Rodarte/Go Internation (Target)
-Black cropped blazer, H&M
-Black peeptoe booties, Steve Madden

And can I just inform you that I made out like a bandit at ONE of my beloved thrift stores, the ones I always speak about.
Its a pity I only made it to one location (Village Discount Outlet in Akron, OH) but, I think I stocked up well for spending 3 hours there.

I scored myself :
-4 '70s vintage dresses,
-a pair of menswearish ladies loafers,
-3 Vintage clutches and 1 Vintage COACH bag,
-1 gigantic 1970s vintage necklace
-1 1960s flower brooch

And ask me why I did NOT buy that $5.00 Oleg Cassini dress? Yeah, cause I'm an idiot--well Ohioans, its still sitting on the racks if anyone wants to buy it and resell it for so much more on ebay or their vintage etsy shops.

And in addition to the thrift store, I went to the Outlet Mall too.
I picked up a pair of cute printed khaki shorts and some basic white KEDS--basically my childhood staple summer wardrobe, but hey-khakis and Keds-they're classic!

It was nice to get away for a brief moment in time. And I cannot even begin to explain how happy I was to have seen all the friends I saw...some of which I sadly did not snap pictures of :( Why did I miss out on that? But seriously, there is something so priceless about seeing old friends after nearly 8-10years have gone by. A little bittersweet if you ask me.

And now, its back to the daily grind for me...back to the NY state of mind.


Alyson said...

Why am I awake? I am not really sure. The ribcage dress is awesome on you. I am so glad you had so much fun in Ohio this weekend.


Anonymous said...

love this post. love the christmas story pics! your ribcage dress is stunning...*jealous* <3 your blog!

The Daily Fashionista said...

Oh holy hell!!! I'm stoked that I have a thrift store to visit when I go to see family in Akron. I'll have to make a mental note to visit the village discount outlet now.

And of course I'll need to see the christmas story house. Too cool to miss!

And I love the awesome rib cage dress. Too bad it's already off trend in NYC. That is so silly.

Lisa said...

That ribcage dress rocks and you look great in it.

anna marie said...

The Village is definitely one of the best thrift stores out there! I've never ventured to the one in Akron, but I do fortunately live about a half hour from one. It pays to live on the PA/OH border!

Glad you enjoyed Cleveland - it's one of my favorite places to go!

missDTM said...

umm i want that ribcage it's so awesome!

and the christmas story HOUSE!?! i am jealous...def sounds like an awesome trip....

Lara said...

Only you can successfully pull off that ribcage dress. LOL I could never.

I had no idea that Christmas Story is supposed to be in Terra Haute, In. I live sort of close to there. Wasn't there a huge downtown area in that movie though? I dont remember that downtown being in Terra Haute either. Well, whatever. Haha.