Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nice Day for a WHITE WEDDING

My buddies, Dusty Rose Vintage, Idee_geniale, and Showgirl Godzilla took these white dresses straight to the chapel.

I felt like I must be standing outside MY wedding reception.
This vintage dress is almost an exact replica of what I envision my "reception dress" to be whenever my lucky day rolls around.
(yeah, I want to wear two dresses, if not more, on that particular day)
I plan to walk down the aisle in a flowy, big, exquisite gown (of which I will design myself because that's what I get paid to do), but once I get the party started....Uhhhhhhhhh.....

Ok, so it goes something like this....I get announced as the bride, and I'm gonna strut my way onto the dance floor to the beats of the following tune:
(ahem...cough cough, deep breath)

"Hey Little Sister what have you done?
Hey Little Sister, Who's the only one?
Hey Little Sister SHOTGUN!
It's a nice day for a...

At that very moment, I will give my best Billy Idol snarl and rip off the skirt portion of my gown exposing a very surprising cocktail frock, one of 1980s proportions, and one of extreme cheeky fun. Maybe a pair of White lacey gloves, some patent leather boots would top it off nicely (my dream reception hasn't gotten as far as my thoughts on accessories just yet).
And you best believe, I plan to be avision of tarte-like delight.
Hey, its gonna be my wedding day, I can make it happen as I want.
(my father might have to hang his head in shame, if this really goes down as planned).


Pretty certain if I had an engagement ring on my finger (hint-hint, BF of 5-1/2 years, hee hee), I might have to consider purchasing this dress as part of my "master plan."

But alas, no big party plans just maybe you should just take the dress off Dusty Rose Vintage's hands before my big day comes along.
Just visit their store...see what you can find, see what the merchandise brings to mind, then proceed to quickly click purchase.

Available for purchase at Dusty Rose Vintage

-Happy Shopping!


Alexandra Hoover said...

Sounds like one hell of a plan if you ask me!

Little Ocean Annie said...

haha, your wedding is going to rock! Get on that, boyfriend! I wish I had multiple dresses at my wedding. I designed mine and picked everything out, so my pride wouldn't let me take off 20lbs of beaded fabric, no matter how sweaty I was! :)

Indy said...

Wow, I looooove that dress! I love how it's ruffley and stuff but then is fitted at the top and bottom! That's the perfect reception dress!

You wedding is totally going to kick ass!

Lisa said...

This outfit set may be my favorite yet on you lovely ladies! You all look divine!

Neekoh said...

I am loving these photo shoots you're doing! You look gorgeous!

Live Love LA

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

oooo, i hope i'm invited! sounds like it'll be a FAB do!