Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daily Wear: + an upcoming haircut

Today was just like every other day, I just happened to wear a dress. No reason really, other than I wanted to give the jeans a rest and mix up the routine a bit.
Oh, and I missed my Bi-Monthly laundry chore last weekend since I was out of town-so its putting a damper on my wardrobe; some serious laundry time is in great need.

The weather is fickle, I never know how layered up I need to be or vice versa.
After putting on the dress I realized I had no spring topper that worked with the proportions and swing of the dress. Yep, had to go with a Fall item again--why don't I just rotate my closet already so I don't even have these fall items at my fingertips? It would really help out with my wardrobe conundrums--I mean if it wasn't readily available, then I'd just have to go coatless, thus saving myself a good 5min. that I usually waste trying on a million of my outerwear items.
I'm planning a good, full blown, closet rotation this weekend; fingers crossed I stop wearing my fall stuff already!

(Oh but that just means more stuff on Swappy Seconds; I'm planning on lots of dresses, and before long i'm going to put up some of my treasured vintage frocks I bought when I was on vacation in LA a few years ago--I just have to start parting with some of my stuff yeah, check out Swappy Seconds sometime in the next 2 weeks for new items up for swaps)
*Trench Coat, Alberto Makali
*White jersey dress, H&M
*Black tights, HUE
*Black booties, Nine West
*Black scarf, H&M
*Black necklace, Forever 21


So you know what else I've got in the horizons???
A new haircut!
I know, I know....didn't I just get a trim and stuff about 3 weeks ago?
Yes, I did.
But this is a special circumstance--you see, my old college friend is moving to NYC from Orange County. She's a wonderful stylist, trained thru the very awesome Aveda Institute--well she's got a final interview at a salon on the Upper West Side next Wednesday; in order to conduct said interview, she's gotta bring a hair model and show them that she can do any sort of cut and color (they're asking for highlights preferably).
So in comes me...woot woot--I get any new hairstyle and any sort of dye job I want.
(I'm going with the highlights, maybe some lowlights too, but major peek-a-boo blonde pieces sticking out from my layers.)

So my dear readers--any suggestions on the style? What do you want to see?
I'm up for almost anything, but it did take way too long (we're talking 3 years!) to grow out my hair from my chin to my shoulders for me to consider anything short-short.
Right now I'm opting toward a really rocker-ish shag--after this I'm off to look at hairstyles on the internet until I find the exact shag I shall covet.
But until then, if you've got something in mind-please share your thoughts!

Black, White, and Purple
Yeah, I'm almost certain I'm just not really into this hairstyle I've got going on now...its just very "BLAH". BRING ON THE SCISSORS!


Isquisofrenia said...

i love this white dress on you, thats what i need a white dress. love the coat with it.
you should go blonde!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the trench.

I'm the wrong person to ask about haircuts because I'm still trying to figure out what to do with mine when I go in next week.

I like the idea of a rocker cut on you. Just don't lose the bangs. I love them.

"J" said...

Hi Niki, Wow- great pictures. Your hair looks anything but blah. I have a few pics I'm going to email them now.

Hipstercrite said...

i need a good hair style BADLY!
just looked at this:

fhen said...

adorable outfit! love this
aesome trench coat!

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Sarah K. said...

I think everyone's getting the springtime hair blahs. a rocker shag sounds like an awesome idea! maybe just a little shorter with lots of shaggy layers on top... I'm great with descriptions, obviously. :p
love the black and white outfit, by the way!

FashionJazz said...

Hey hun!! Luv ur dress!! I am thinking short and funky hair : ) xx

Kelley Anne said...

I think you could definitely rock a rocker-esque shag hairdo. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Great outfit too. As someone who wears tons of color all the time, I'm always so fascinated to see how people pull off black and white with such panache.

Delightfully Tacky said...

I can't wait to see your new haircut! It's going to be rockin' for sure!

Alyssa said...

I really, really am diggin this outfit! I usually love a simple black and white outfit... You look awfully sophisticated and ready to tackle anything! Power outfit!

Those Tricks said...

oh man, I really like that H&M dress.
Gonna do a little ebay search, in case there's one out there in my size!