Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daily Wear: Another Laundry Day

Hey-Hey, Happy Sunday Evening! (that's me waving to you all!)

Sorry for my lack of posts, and even bigger lack of my ever so exciting "Weekend Rewinds", but lately I've been either away, or my friend(s) have been away--leaving me to do a lot on my own. Meaning such activities as laundry (as was the case today), cleaning (as was the case all day yesterday), and finding myself curled up sorta stuck in the back of my closet (yesterday evening when I tried to organize my shoes but couldn't get to the far depths of my closet unless I fully climbed into the cavernous space). So none of it really proved necessary to get all fashionably "cute" if you know what I mean.

If you don't know what I mean, that's my nice way of telling you I did not step out of my PJs once yesterday--I went to bed on Saturday night wearing the exact same thing I woke up in. EEWWWW!

So yeah, like I said...not fashionable.
Today I stepped outside of my PJs and outside into the real world. BORING, it was just to trek my 3 week pile-up of laundry to the laundromat. I despise doing laundry, but there was no way I could let it go any longer! YIKES.
Its Laundry Day
To grace the employees of the laundromat (they dislike me, they whisper and giggle and look at me and my BF when we do anything-like even when we open the dryer door, it sets them into a frenzy of gibberish-talk and laughter and beady eyes aimed in our direction...WTF) I chose to wear:

*Black jersey tunic-found at Buffalo Exchange, brand unknown
*Gray leggings-Uniqlo
*Black eyelet boots-Doc Martens


Oh, and because I spent my entire Saturday organizing my closet, arranging my shoe selection, and pulling out mounds and mounds of clothing I no longer wear...that just means more goodies over at Swappy Seconds.

Tonight I posted two pairs of shoes:
-Swap #5-Vintage metallic silver shoe,
-and Swap #6-Patent Leather maryjanes.
-Later this week I'll have a pristine pair of BCBG shoes up for grabs--sadly I ran out of time to get them up there tonight.

Happy Weekend, or whatever's officially Monday on the east coast--clock says, "12:01am", I say, "time for bed!"


Charmalade said...

I did the SAME THING this past Saturday too!-- a "pajama day," as I like to call it. I told myself that I deserved it, but it always does make me feel a little grody.

Also-- killer boots!!

Toast with Charmalade

Kelley Anne said...

There must be spring cleaning fever going around. I spent Friday night and most of the day Saturday cleaning and going through my my PJ's all day Saturday. That's strange about the laundromat employees. Maybe they love your outfits or think you're a rock star or something:)

Yesterday something similar happened to me. Dan and I went to a gas station and when we were walking in some guy who was filling his car wouldn't stop staring at me. It was like he knew me or something. So I stared straight back, but he just kept doing it.

Stephanie said...

Doing laundry sucks....I always wait until I have absolutely nothing to wear before I finally go do it. Although there is a certain feeling of satisfaction that comes from having a closet full of clean clothes :)

Anacecilia said...

i hate when i go do laundry because i always want to wear something i don't like so i wont get anything good dirty, hahaha
this has to be one of my favorite outfits of your though!