Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily Wear: Leftovers

The Mondays
Monday....oh Monday. sigh.......

Monday was a day of leftovers. After cleaning out and reorganizing my closet this weekend I came across a few items (ok, a lot of items) leftover from previous seasons.

A.) the skirt from Uniqlo--the one that twists around when I walk, as worn last summer.
B.) the suede booties--the ones that I broke the heel on and had repaired only to find the cobbler put a tad higher heel on them than before, and well they just really hurt the balls of my feet to walk around in all day. In fact, it shoots some wierd pain into my toe sometimes. Nice.

It had been a while since I wore both items, so I paired them up together today and out the door I went.

In addition to these leftover clothing items, BF and I had leftover for dinner--lasagna! My inner "Garfield" is satisfied.
Leftovers are kinda what I live for-I like some good leftover grub.

And nevermind my wrinkled skirt-this is what happens after a long day. Some fabrics just do not stay in their intended crisp state.
And forget that giant water stain on the front right of the skirt; that's just a telltale sign that I did the dishes before I snapped these pictures.

I'm glad Monday is winding down. Monday's are just not my thing.
*Green long sleeve tee-Target
*Camel scarf-H&M
*Gray skirt-Uniqlo
*Beige animal print tights-H&M (quickly becoming my fave hosiery for spring!)
*Taupe suede booties-Calvin Klein
*Brown leather rope necklace-street jeweler in Soho

Ps-I can't wait for Wednesday, this hair thing has been consuming all my thoughts. Thanks everyone for the suggestions--right now I'm leaning toward a sorta spiky on top, long and wispy on the bottom shag. yeah ok, sounds like a mullet-I'd like to believe its going to be more like Rod Stewart's rooster cut. I had it once before, I rather quite liked it, so I think I'll try it again. And I need to grow up already--I've been vigorously trolling around emo/scene girl hair sites. Seriously? yes, seriously!


Charmalade said...

This is why I usually don't post outfits on Mondays-- Mondays are off-days for me! But I really dig the outfit. Mostly I really dig those tights. I covet them so much, I hope to steal them, mweeheehee.

Toast with Charmalade

Anonymous said...

Lasagna = layers of baked heaven. The skirt is fabulous, love the whole look. Fierce! Oh and the pink lips look great on you :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Cute outfit! You are really talented to put all this together from all the randomness. :P

I especially love those tights!

a-man-duh said...

Not 1, but 2 garfield references. You know Nicki, Jim Davis is from Indiana...

Little Ocean Annie said...

Oh, I really like that skirt on you! The pockets on it are adorable! Can't wait to see your new hairs!

girlxoxo said...

Love the tights with the entire outfit! Me too on the Mondays. For some reason you would think I have the entire weekend to plan & such - but nope. On Mondays it's always a mad dash for whatever's handy.

Clare said...

Yum, leftovers are my favorite, too. I love this outfit, especially the interplay of colors and patterns.

Alexandra Hoover said...

God those tights are wonderful! Why am I so damn attracted to animal print!?

Samantha said...

Not sure if my other comment went through...if not, I love your blog! Love the tights and booties in this post! So fab.

If my other comment DID go through, I just realized that you said that I'm following you on twitter when you commented on my blog - what's your name on there?

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Those tights are amazing, amazing! Annie.

Anacecilia said...

love your tights!