Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily Wear: Periwinkle and Pearls

While I'm not a huge fan of summertime (the heat...puh-leaze! Ugh), I will admit I am a huge fan of the long days, hours of light, and the opportunity it allows for outfit shots after work (even when you have to work late like I do sometimes.)  Let's face it, wintertime this does not happen--and you find me indoors with boring photos.

Today, being around 8pm when I took my shots, I decided it was time I get back on my roof.  I realize not many people hang out up there during the weeknights, weekends-different story.  So I'm safe in my comfort zone for now to take photos up there--the weekends, um pretty sure I'll need a buddy with me so I don't look a-fool in front of large groups of partygoers.

I took a liking to this large Chase bank sign that's right next door.  I also liked the rusty stairs.  So this was today's chosen rooftop location.
The rooftop sign
It was a hot muggy one today, I didn't have time to iron a dress (as usual) so I had to go with my tried and true-blue jeans.  But with jeans encasing my legs like sausages on such a hot day I knew it was high-time I keep the top loose and light.
Thank goodness for that little Forever 21 excursion that sidetracked me on Friday evening.  On with the new cotton blouse.  So airy, breezy, flowy, and fun.  Very girly too-moreso than my usual.  And the color, its divine!  I just realized today how Periwinkle really made me look more "glowy", more colorful, more not to pale and bland.  I may need some more of this very shade--Periwinkle and Yellow-my new fave raves?
Periwinkle Please
I also was too lazy to switch the contents of my purse choice from Sunday back into a larger satchal of sorts.  So I needed to make sure my add-ons went OK with the brown shade of my purse.  No problem-I've got that covered.  I have the perfect pair of shoes when that rusty leather color is at hand.  The ever so awesomely tall Target shoes!!!!  Ah, sometimes you just really hit the jackpot with something from Target-these shoes are definitely this summer's jackpot.  They make me impossibly tall, they're easy to walk in, and they're not un-comfy at all!  My kinda shoe!
Monday's Attire includes-
*Periwinkle cotton blouse-Forever 21
*Skinny jeans-Express
*Brown vintage leather Coach bag-Thrift Store
*Brown suede sandals-Target
*Pearl necklace-Topshop
*Brown sunglasses-H&M
And just another shot of my roof--did I mention I love my roof?  Please friends-come over already!  Don't make me beg, but this roof is just begging you to come over.
(PS-I work right over there, behind that really tall building in the middle--that's the garment district.  Bonus points if you know what the building is.  Maybe if I snap a shot of it at night when its all lit up you'll know it.  Or, just guess--its really quite easy)
A view from the roof


Charmalade said...

Holy cow woman, you look ethereally beautiful in that color! It's impossibly breezy and perfect for summer, it's very perfect on you. I like how you paired it with the light brown and gold-- but I can definitely attest to how godawful humidity can get. I don't think I've worn jeans since spring!

Toast with Charmalade

The Daily Fashionista said...

You look so cute. I can't believe you were able to wear jeans though! I'd die! But this is probably one of my favorite looks of your.

anna marie said...

That is a great color! I'm with you, I'm usually not over-the-top girly, but every once in awhile, a frilly, lacy top screams to be bought!

Your posts make me miss NYC and make me desperate for a visit!

Alyson said...

That color is BEAUTIFUL on you. And if I could, I'd come get up on that roof with ya!

libys11 said...

that top is so dreamy!! i love the ruffle sleeves! very feminine! :D

Animated Confessions

Britta said...

I love the color on that top! It looks so comfy. And the brown accents work really well. I am jealous of your rooftop!

Alecto said...

that rooftop looks amazing. i don't think i would ever leave...

and those shoes from target are stellar.

Isquisofrenia said...

omg the color of that blouse just amazing love the ruffles goin on here and love your heels too!