Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Rewind: June 25-27th, 2010

Ah the weekend, they seem so far away-then when its finally here, it seems to go by so fast.
This weekend was rather tame, in fact, so tame I was asleep by 10:30pm on Saturday (old lady alert!).  Sometimes a girl just needs to catch up on some zzz's I suppose.

Anyway, on with the post.

Friday: June 25, 2010-
I was due out in the East Village to meet up with some friends.  As is usually the case with this particular group of friends, we end up at a bar called LIT.  We like the music, we usually start up a dance party before it gets too crowded, then we usually stay well to the point where it gets too crowded (and lets face it, it hinders my dance moves, because I am NOT a close dancer kinda girl. I need my floor space!)

Being that I'm nearing "middle aged" or whatever the youngins' would consider me these days, I find it very important to put together an outfit for such nights out.  I want an outfit that conveys that I am yes-a WEEEE bit older (ok, in some cases A LOTTTTT older--I've got some of them by 9yrs! Maybe this is pathetic?  Whatever, what's wrong with a lady wanting to dance despite the age?) but also that I clearly still have fun and don't dress like a soccer mom (then again, did you see my Poconos outfit?  uhhhhhh--soccer mom attire almost.).

However, maybe its time I do laundry because I was just not having anything in my closet on Friday.  Grrrr...I hate when there's about 100 articles of clothing to mix and match but nothing strikes my fancy.  Lucky me, I had swung past the store earlier that day and picked up a few new tops (which I soooo did NOT need).  This being one of them.  I had planned to save this top and wear it sometime during the day w/some shorts, but it seemed to do the trick for what I had needed/planned for my Friday night out.
Friday Night's Attire Included-
*Gray sequin/beaded top, F21
*Skinny Jeans, Express
*Nude Patent Leather belt, NY&Co.
*Fuchsia Patent Leather Heels, BCBGgirls
*Silver vintage necklace, thrift store
*other silver necklace, Free in my goody bag at Bust Craftacular 
Dancing on a Friday Night

Saturday: June 26, 2010-
Saturday was spent running around the city returning clothing I had bought for an event but didn't attend.  I had shoes and a bag to return to stores around the Union Square area.
I took care of that, then strolled thru the farmers' market, then stopped in at Barnes and Noble.  Then, well I just found myself at Zara-how did that happen, I don't know?
And of course, I bought a skirt--hey, wasn't I supposed to see how this first month of living in a new place paying real NYC rent goes before I run off and shop?  Yeah, well we'll see how rent goes along with a new skirt--I got it under control, no worries.
For my little stroll thru the city, I chose to wear a cute little skirt I had purchased last September when Market Publique had a little pop-up Fashion Night Out shop.  We stopped by there for some cupcakes, bubbly, and mingling/browsing.  I walked away with this skirt that has an impossibly tiny waist.  Hence why I have to squeeze into it and hike it up to my natural waistline-there's no way this thing would fit even an 1" lower.
But its a keeper even if I have to suck it in just to get it zipped :) heehee, maybe I like to eat too much candy.
Saturday Attire
Saturday's Attire Included-
*Printed tshirt, F21
*Yellow vintage skirt, Market Publique
*Brown suede sandals, Target
*Brown vintage Coach bag, Thrift Store
*Brown sunglasses, H&M (I think)
*Silver vintage necklace, Thrift Store

Sunday: June 27, 2010-
Yea...the most exciting day of my weekend! Dusty Rose Vintage photoshoot day!!!!!!  Just a few behind the scenes shots for you all so you see how it all goes down.
I basically make jackass faces and go all trailer trash in my cut-offs when it comes to crochet tops that show off my beer gut.
And then I appear to grimace and look really unhappy when I get to wear cool vintage trunks--are these mens' by the way?
We also got to meet Elle-she's the current Dusty Rose Vintage girl.  She's really handy with a camera and she's a super sweet girl--new to the city, so I do hope she hangs out with us some more.  And maybe I can pick up a trick or two from her in terms of what the heck I'm ever doing with my camera-because let's face it, I never even think of switching it off the Auto shots.
Never fear kiddies--of course I'll have real photoshoot pics to show off the beautiful things we got to put on today.  In the near future, I promise.

However, my real attire for Sunday went something along the lines of "staying cool"--and I mean that temperature wise, not "cool" as in "I'm hip"...heck no.
(Does anyone even use the word "hip" anyway?)

I just happened to pull out this top that I got at Beacon's Closet the first time I hung out with Mel.  Oh the memories.
Yes, so this top.  It's interesting because it takes me slightly out of my comfort zone yet doesn't look like it at all, right?
It's got this intriguing little cutout right below the tie at the center front bust.  It proves a little difficult for me to figure out just what to wear underneath sometimes, but this time being so hot I just went for it, as in I went for nothing.  And yeah, that's wayyyyy out of my comfort zone.
But it turned out ok, not too sleazy if I do say so myself.
I also wore this owl necklace that I so very rarely ever wear.  I got it at the Brooklyn Flea the first time I ever went there.  I put it in my purse then proceeded to hang out with friends.  By the time we got home that night I had already broke his little lower body off :(
I was bummed because we all know how I go giddy crazy over my vintage owls.
Lucky for me, a quick fix w/some super glue did the trick.  So I could never resell him w/this sloppy glue mess that I did, but it's good enough for me-because am I really ever gonna sell him?  NO!
Sunday's Attire Included:
*Multi-color vintage top, Beacon's Closet
*Denim shorts, F21
*Brown Dolce and Gabbana wedges, Beacon's Closet
*White vintage owl necklace, The Brooklyn Flea
*Gold braclets, F21
*Brown sunglasses, H&M (again, I think)

Ok kiddies--again I've managed to stay up much too late for a Sunday night.  I'm not tired at all but really, its 1:00am and I've gotta get up for that thing called work tomorrow.
Hope it was a good weekend for everyone, sorry to see it end-right?


libys11 said...

looking great!!! the gray top in the first outfit is stunning!! :D

Animated Confessions

Carrie said...

Hello gorgeous! I love your Saturday outfit in particular. So lovely!

The Daily Fashionista said...

I'm feeling you on the cut out shirt feeling over exposure. I had to go sans undergarment for Saturday's outfit and I was feeling a little naked all day. But a bra is just over rated in the summer. I wish I could do that at work...that would be something!

but you look gorgeous every day! It sounds like an exciting weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love Saturday's first outfit, very chic.

Lara said...

Oh my GOD you are NOT middle aged. Don't even start with that! Plus you look 100 times better than all those youngins for sure. At least in NYC you don't get the "So, you are 27...and don't have kids/are married?" Ok, so I am married but I get crap about having kids all the time. In Chicago it seems once you are 25, you should be married...

Jana said...

Hey Nickie! Did you get a cat? Who is the cutie in the first photo with you?
We should do 80's night at Pyramid again...speaking of Lit, I have not been there in SO long. In fact, I think the last time I was there was with you,...*ahem* back in 05.

Jenni said...

i love Saturday's outfit. so safari chic. That skirt is such a great find, I'm jealous of it!

And I laughed at the first picture from Sunday especially because i for some reason thought immediately of Mariah Carey.