Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daily Wear: Mellow Yellow

Finally--I ventured onto the roof of my new apartment building for my outfit photos.  Uh-oh, I'm entering the world of the rooftop outfit shot--YIKES!  I've become "that girl" (let's not even go there though because I can't stop laughing, thinking of all the possibilities of hilarious antics this will now bring about. And if you know me, and you're my blogger friend, you might very well know where I'm getting at with this one-wink wink...laugh laugh laughhhhhh!  Ok, so maybe only Idee_geniale, Dusty Rose Vintage, Second Skin, and a few others know what I'm getting at and they'll completely appreciate it when I finally do the "signature pose").
I've been a little timid to take my camera out of my apartment since I'm the new girl in the 'hood.  I don't want stares, questions, or even the need to maybe explain myself to the friendly people in this building (yes, everyone is friendly, and I think they'd ask questions).  Luckily, today as I exited the elevator, I took a peek outside and no one was up there--I rushed with my tripod out the door to snap some pics.
And now I might have to do it more often, I mean this here is just a tiny little corner of the huge huge roof--there are soooooooo many wonderful backdrops on this roof that I'll have plenty of fun in the upcoming days when I muster up the courage to go out there on a near regular basis.
(um friends, please come over, I will not feel nearly as embarrased taking photos if my friends are with me.  And look at corner of the roof!  And I know you already want to have a summertime drink up here with me!)
Mellow Yellow
So now with the rooftop gestures out of the way, let me tell you about today's outfit.  It ventures into one of my new obsessions: YELLOW!
I never wore yellow really until the past month or so.  I bought one piece here (which happens to be this shirt), then a dress there (which happens to be the yellow dress I just featured in my Poconos Style: Pt. 1), then I bought two yellow vintage bags while in the Poconos (this here being one of them), and now I'm completely HOOKED!
Yellow is sometimes a difficult color, or so people claim.  But I all of a sudden discovered that it's very agreeable with my skintone, haircolor, and whatever else makes people steer clear of it.  So yes, obsessed indeed!  (keep this in mind if it comes time that you find yourself trying to Swap with me on Swappy Seconds...I'm crazy for YELLOW right now).
Outfit Details Include:
*Yellow blouse, Target
*Skinny Jeans, Uniqlo
*Fuchsia heels, BCBGgirls
*Vintage owl necklace, gift from ClydesRebirth
*Gold Bracelet, H&M
*Vintage handbag, Thrifted in the Poconos


So tell me, even though I've put myself on a bit of a spending freeze, trying real hard not to over-buy, not to buy things I don't need, not to buy new clothes unless really really really in love with them, is it possible one could really turn away from this printed vintage bag?  C'mon, cut a lady with a thing for thrifted handbags some slack :)  Thank you.  Plus, this Yellow craze I'm going thru didn't just happen today--it was very well with me when I was in the Poconos, therefore this bag just had to have me take it home.  It was a little orphan bag and I gave it a spot in my closet; except for today, I clearly took her out for a little bit of usage.

Now I'm off to sign up for Netflix.  I had to first test out my laptop because its super old and it doesn't like to watch videos all that well so I was curious how it was holding up in terms of DVDs.  I popped in Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (which I've owned since Sept. yet have not watched) and it seemed to be working fine.  Woohoo!  I have never lived without a  TV until now, and I'm rather stoked that dvds can fill my "no tv" void that I'm going thru.  Phew!
Then after that, I'll be back to watching the Fabulous Stains--primarily because it looks awesome, and well quite frankly I'm seeing some strong potential for a Halloween costume!  (it's never too early to consider Halloween costumes.  Keep that in mind, why do you think my costumes are always 95% accurate to what I'm dressed as?  These things don't happen overnight people!  They take time and much effort to master).


Lemondrop Marie said...

I went to dinner tonight with my own vintage yellow bag, but yours is making me very jealous, what a great find.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Charmalade said...

I've come across the same yellow obsession, too! My yellow wedges are an indicator of that. :D Actually, I've always been wary of yellow because, well, I'm Asian. So there was always that, durrhurr, would I blend in and just look jaundiced? But I think it depends on the shade, definitely.

But anyway-- you look darling in that light buttery yellow. And more rooftop photos! Lucky you get to do that, if I tried to climb up my house, I'd most likely break something. D:

Toast with Charmalade

missKaren said...

Love the roof, love the bag, love yellow, love your blog! I haven't made it through the whole thing yet, but it makes me smile and you're lovely. That pink business in the previous post is absolutely...PINK. Fantastic.

Rai said...

I really love the bag! x

The Daily Fashionista said...

That bag is so awesome. The print is just so modern and fun. Very artistic. And it goes so well with your outfit. Love it!

pearlslaceandruffles said...

So cute! I like the yellow shirt. xo

Alyson said...

I can get on the roof of my house from the driveway, with probably just a spot of help. I've debated on taking pictures of me on the roof of my house just to be that snarky... haha! However right now my backyard is providing really great light in the morning... so I don't really care if the background is boring if the light is awesome...

Thou shalt not deny thyself a cute bag.

Isquisofrenia said...

i cant do that with my rooftop hahha
but you look awesome with yellow and love those pants, i cant never wear pants like that
just doesnt fit me right i look really weird.
hahha nextflix is the greatest thing ever.
and yes i saw the fabulous stains and i can actually picture you dress as her make up everything
that movie is awesome!

Hipstercrite said...

Gosh, I've always wished I could pull off yellow. You look great in it!
I've always shied away from pastels out of fear that they make me look like a very pale child. Lately I'm into cream and french rose though.

Those Tricks said...

I want the bag!!!
And I can't get enough of yellow, either.

meghan said...

You look stunning in yellow! Does that blue chair belong to you? If so - I want it!

Isquisofrenia said...

yes i feel that we do have lots in common, i think we could be really good friends if we only lived next to each other.
i would totally dress up as your bandmate on halloween !

CAITLIN said...

I love yellow! Apparently my great-grandmother told my mother that I looked good in yellow when I was a mere infant and I guess it stuck. To this day, everytime I wear it someone remarks that I look really good in yellow... and so do you! It's one of those colors that we brunettes get to have all to ourselves!

Also, I miss living in the city and having a rooftop like yours! Perfect for summer cocktails and lounging unnoticed in the sun!

Archives said...

heart those heels!