Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dusty Rose Vintage: Fiesta Time!!!!

Oh woah...yeah...2 true stories in this one here post:
1.) Just because I took a month off, didn't mean I took a month off from editing thru my Dusty Rose Vintage pictures.  Oh no--there's still plenty upon plenty from our past photoshoots I haven't had a chance to show you.

2.)We look so festive in our Mexican attire, no?  I mean, no kidding Mel looks cute-her dress is already SOLD!  But I'm pretty sure the pink tunic/dress I'm wearing and the wedding dress Nikka is wearing are still up on DRV's etsy shop; so take a peek.
Dusty Rose put me in this wondefully gauzy 1970s Mexican Tent Tunic--complete with the most airy, breezy, and floaty ruffle sleeves I've ever put on.

It's so perfect belted if one insists upon reigning in the floaty billowy silhouette.
Or sassy and flirty when the natural drape of the garment is left to it's own devices.
So much fun, I just can't contain my facial exressions as I show you the very full hem---
ooooh swingy!
Imagine if you're a little on the petite/short end of the height scale, you could wear this as not only a tunic, but a short lil' dress too!
Ah, so many possibilities...and its PINK TOO!  Who loves Pink?  Um, THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!
It would be cool if you like it too.
I'm officially putting a quick link under "Frequencies" (on side bar) for all my Dusty Rose Vintage photoshoots--I think they're some of the best times ever.  And I want to be able to access all those good times real quick!  So you can too if you want.
Good times for sure!

PS-And why are my legs so damn shiny in this picture?  It's like that time Gwyneth Paltrow was on Letterman, or the Tonight show, can't remember which--but her legs were outta control shiny.


syd vicious said...

oh my gosh, i love these pictures! the outfits are way cute!

Alexandra said...

Oh Nickie, your comments never fail to make me laugh. I think my blog has only been like that since last week or so-- it was one of those middle of the night fighting sleep playing on the internet things. And now, what can I say, I AM AN HTML MASSSTTERR! (That's a lie. A really big one) I think I really just got sick of scrolling all the way down the left hand side to look at the millions of things I had on there, so I assumed everyone else probably was too. But thank you for the compliment!!!

I also meant to comment on this last night but... I don't know what happened there... I love that second to last picture on this post. The sun and wind blowing your hair are wonderful, you just look like a professional little model!

Alecto said...

Ooooo pink looks really good on you.

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

Ha, seriously, why are yr legs so shiny? They didn't look like that in person. See you tomorrow! xx

Meghan said...

Huzzah, that pink shirt is sexy! at first i thought it was a mini dress, but i guess you could wear it as one. and is that belt yours or is it available in the dusty rose shop? cuz, i gotta have it!

K & J said...

Thanks to the pics at the bottom of the latest post I was able to find out about this earlier post.
Can I just say how HOT you look!!!
LOVE the pink top. Of course pink is my favorite color :)
...and really loving those wedges. SOOO HOT!!!! Kara XOXOXO