Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Rewind: June 19-20th, 2010

A quick lil' Weekend Rewind for you all--just outfits this time around, no picture taking to be had this weekend.  Not to say I didn't have a fun weekend, I was just on the go a lot, no time to stop and snap shots, especially not outside.  Sorry, maybe next time.

Saturday-June 19, 2010:
Saturday in the City
Slept through my 10:00am alarm maybe because I went out to The Bellhouse on Friday to meet up with Mel and our lil' blogger buddy from Nashville, AlysonIsNeat.  Maybe it's just because I was tired, maybe it was a whole lotta reasons...a whole lotta maybes.
None the less, I already had this outfit planned in my mind from the day before, so I threw it on in a jiffy--phew, because I had to take 3 trains to get to my destination and I was really afraid of being mega-late.  It really helped that I knew I wanted to wear this for my Saturday hair appointment on the Upper West Side.  (Now for the laugh-worthy part: My hair appt. wasn't until 2pm, so why am I worried about being late with an alarm set for 10:00am.  I promise I do not really need 4 hours to get ready).

I imagine you've all dressed the part before, for the area you're going to visit, no?  I don't know why, but anything on the Upper skirts of Manhattan always makes me feel like doing it up a little more classy, a little more put-together if you will.
And a hair appointment at an Aveda Salon is no reason to look like a slob, right?  RIGHT.  That's "classy" stuff I tell ya.
(these picture are pre-hair appt. obviously since my 'do looks like an unstyled mop).
The shorts have Gold buttons, sailor-style, on a front panel--only now do I realize that they're not visible since my shirt seems to be covering them.  I'm just throwing out that tid-bit of info because it dictated my jewelry decision for the day.  Gold buttons=Gold Jewelry, or mostly.

Sooooooo, hmmmm, so many options, which Owl to wear?

I chose my current favorite: the one from Clydesrebirth's ebay score (she won it for me then I bought it from her...yippee).  I think I mention it last week; but yeah its my current obsession in the treasure trove known as my owl collection.  I like him, I think he hangs on the perfect length of a chain.
Saturday Outfit Details:
*White pinstripe blazer, H&M
*Gray tshirt, Target
*Black cotton shorts, H&M
*Black sandals, Miss Sixty
*Gold necklaces, vintage
*Silver Watch, Gift from moms and pops (thank you guys!)
*Gold bracelets, F21

Sunday-June 20, 2010:
Sunday Errands
Today I spent with myself.  I used the late morning/early afternoon organizing my shelves.  (still unpacking a bit, figuring out space, and rearranging).  I've gotten most everything unpacked, just gotta bring out the sewing machine and serger, put them in their new little designated areas of my sewing station/desk, and BAM!  I'm officially done unpacking.  Next up, locating the ladder I used last week so I can attempt to lift things over my head and into the storage area (note to self: this will not be easy because you're a lazy bum that never works out and has no upper body strength whatsoever; lest you have forgotten this silly!)
I then showered, did my new hair (I like having freshly trimmed hair, don't you?)-it looks like it did about 2 months ago at this time, so don't think it's a brand new style--its not. And again, I already had this outfit planned in my head from the week before.  I kinda was blessed this weekend in that I already knew the two outfits I would wear for the weekend.  Funny, both are palates of gray...then again a good majority of my wardrobe is based around Black, White, and Gray--its a winning color scheme, what can I say?
After my daily "get-ready" routine went down, I was out the door.  I treated myself to a mani/pedi of hot pink goodness at my new nail place called "Pretty Hot Nail".  I just like the name!  It's hilarious.
There's 3 nail places within 1-2 doors of my new location, but I stick with Pretty Hot Nail because the lady was so nice to me the first time I was in there, and now this is the second time and she remembered me and every little tidbit of my nail preferences.  Maybe its the snaggle nail on my right 3rd toe that makes her remember me because I refuse to have it cut, file only please (damn shoes I wear, it's ruined my 3rd toenail on my right foot because the toe is too long for most shoes, and it hurts sometimes....GROSS right?  sorry, I hate feet too!  It doesn't help that my toes are the length of a 12yr old's fingers...ok exaggeration but they're pretty freakin creepily long.  And I have GIANT big toes to top it all off).  Anyway, Pretty Hot Nail.  I'll tell you what's pretty hot--getting a mani/pedi for $16!!!!  Most places here are already pretty cheap compared to where I grew up, but on the weekends most places here will also up their price.  Oh no, not Pretty Hot Nail--and if they are "upping" the price, well I didn't notice, I'll take their price!
Sunday's Outfit Details:
*Gray romper, Target
*Black sandals, Old Navy
*Teal bag, Gap
*Silver vintage necklace, Thrift Store

Ok guys--hope you all had a good weekend...damn, it goes by wayyyyyy too fast!


syd vicious said...

super cute! i love those heels. :)

Rai said...

wow, I adore that blazer. My boobs are too big/shoulders too narrow to wear them! x

missDTM said...

girlie, you look so very cute! very cool and summery...especially considering how damn hot it's been in nyc.

i rarely dress for the neighborhood i'm going to...i just run around nyc too much to bother thinking about it in the AM. BUT--i know what you mean because sometimes i'll look at what i'm wearing and i'll think, "damn, i look like a hipster up in this place."

lol..happy monday!

Hipstercrite said...

there is a new athletic grey tri-blend jumper at amer app. you should check it out.
nice legs!

Alyson said...

Can I just say that riding the Long Island Rail Road out to Long Island when you don't know what the hell you are doing or where you are going, and still hungover made my Saturday a rough one. I woke up at 9ish, and didn't even have time to shower before I had to get some food and get on the train. Your hair looks amazing..

As for my Sunday, I spent it laying on my couch in my underwear watching Season 3 of Alias. I was crazy exhausted.

Viv said...

I totally do exactly what you did "I can sleep in cuz I totally already know what I'm wearing" - that equals like 20-30 extra minutes of sleep. Nice. Perf weekend outfits for running around the city in this heat! Oh and PPS, where the heck is Pretty Hot Nail, because I totally need a ManiPedi for $16!!!
Love your blog, and have a great week!!

Those Tricks said...

I really like the H&M blazer and the romper!