Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily Wear: Noir

I wore this some time last week and forgot to post it.  I was looking to clean out my files, and came across this.  I waited too long to take proper outfit shots considering the sun had gone down already (scratch that, there was NO sun, EVER that day!  Hence the crazy humid hair I've got going on and the ominous storm clouds trekking across the Brooklyn skies).  But there's no need not to post this outfit, just because I wore it last week, doesn't matter right?
I got this t-shirt dress at the BCBG outlet in the Poconos over Memorial Day weekend.  What was really rad was the BCBG store was going out of business so everything was 1/2 off the already reduced prices, which were reduced from the already marked down outlet price!  You can't go wrong with BCBG at $15 now can you?  Well maybe, I mean was it really necessary for me to own a tshirt with a giant feline head on it?  Probably, yeah.

I've also recently discovered a legging utopia--otherwise known as Uniqlo.  Now this legging menagerie I tell you, has not always been might notice several times a week I'm in skinny jeans-always from Uniqlo, and almost always a different pair, so I'm no stranger to frequenting the NYC location...I'd know if there was a legging heaven before.  I swear to you its a newer addition to the store.  It's near the main registers, like this whole section is nothing but about 30 different types of leggings, 30 different types of biker shorts, prints prints and more prints, solids of every color, texture-slinky tricot-synthetic shiny stuff, everything my legs NEED-WANT-and MUST HAVE!  I stumpled upon this about a month ago, now I'm thinking its high time I get back and stock up on some trendiness for these sticks of mine...just in time for fall!  Yep, good idea Nickie.  (seriously though, UNIQLO!  LOVE!!!! and yes, when I was buying leggings I was also picking up another pair of skinny jeans, again totally (un)necessary!)
I also have a thing for turning photos into the grayscale mode...I swear you can take the worst photo ever, make it black & white, slide around the contrast bar a bit, and holy cow....drama!  The stormy clouds look way more scary in this ominous gray! (yep, extent of my photoshop skills--right here!)
*Black tshirt dress-BCBG
*Black leggings-Uniqlo
*Black/White scarf-Express
*Black heels-Nine West
*Silver vintage chain belt-Thrift Store

PS-Can't wait to get my hair trimmed next saturday--this humidity is killing me even more so than my overgrown layers.  I cannot even style it anymore!  HELP


purple*bliss said...

looove the rooftop photos!! super cool, and great bargain :)

The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

Boy the images are super inspiring! You look gorgeous!!! Love the t-shirt dress....actually your whole ensemble!

Have a great weekend! ;)


Teresa said...

Great outfit! Love the chain belt and scarf details!


The Village Idiot said...

i love your hair! the color and cut r great!
i really like your blog!

Isquisofrenia said...

i think the black leggins are so good on you and also the scarf adds a really cool touch to this amazing outfit!

bravegrrl said...

love the scarf and the black and white photo!

Alexandra said...

I really kind of like the pictures with the dark background! Crazy contrast... something different and fun!