Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daily Wear: A perfect Balance to Life

I always like to think highly of myself in terms of fun and responsibility, work and play, sleep vs. lack there of (ok, maybe this is more like I'm going to look like the 45yr old Lindsay Lohan looks like if I don't slow it down...then again Lindsay is early '20s looking 45, and I've got her by a few years and think I'm no where near looking 45, so scratch that-I'm good to go for now).  I'm trying to say that at times I live the best of both lives, sometimes I don't know how I manage to have the energy I need to make it through my crazy weekends...but this outfit managed to keep things going steady from Saturday straight thru to Sunday.  And that's that perfectly balanced life I'm talking about...I manage to play hard, but work even harder! (this saying is usually the other way around, in terms of my life-its better this way)

Yeah, you're thinking, "gross, what is she talking about this outfit took her from Saturday into Sunday??? Don't even tell me you slathered yourself up with some patchouli and went about your day as if there was no need to shower."

-Ok, let me first off say I do shower...but I also slather on the patchouli.
-Secondly, here's how it went down.  After my swap meet on Saturday, Mel and I quickly changed into more casual clothes and hit up the East Village.  Now this is where most of our Saturday nights turn into sunrise on Sunday before we know it.  And this night was no different.
Soooooooooooooo, while I was reenacting Poison videos at 8am, lip syncing at the top of my lungs, believing I could be CC Deville and Bret Michaels combined into one, I realized in a mere 4 hours I'd be needing to get up and meet the ever so fun lil' Indiana blogger (so duh I like her already, she's from Indiana!  Holla!!!), Toast with Charmalade.
So I race home, take a quick few hours of a catnap, get up at noon, get ready, feel too tired to think about clothing, sniff the outfit from last nite-notice its not rank at all, throw it on knowing that if anywhere you can pull off day old clothing and make it look feasible, its Williamsburg. (and yes, little patchouli dab here and there never hurts either) And this is exactly what I did.  Sooooooooo, sorry Charmalade....I hate to admit that this is why I didn't mind what outfit photos of mine you kept, basically because I already had these from Saturday night.  ewwwwwww!
OK, don't think ill of me now that you know I put on the same clothes from the night before...I actually didn't get the full required 8hrs of sleep that one needs to make rational decisions.  It was a dressing move made in haste I will admit-but one that turned out OK by both days' standards.
But you see, I managed to stay out all night have a blast and get up in time to meet Charmalade and shop till our hearts were content at Beacon's Closet.  Perfect balance to my life I tell ya!
And of course when her friend suggested LA Burrito for lunch, obviously I was incredibly hungry!!!!  All that crazy NYC fun can really work up a girl's appetite.
Saturday into Sunday
Saturday, Mel gave me this shirt before the swap-its a Kensie top of course...but she knew slouchy, black and white, yeah...that's a Nickie, not so much a Mel.  Did I think twice about taking it off her hands, hell no!
Did acquiring this top on Saturday afternoon make it super easy for me to get ready Saturday night in a jiffy?  Hell Yeah!  (I couldn't wait to wear it!)
I'm also going to tell you I spiced up my own personal life a bit by actually wearing LIPSTICK-not lipgloss, not Dr. Pepper Bonne Belle (fave!), and not chapstick.  I recently got my hands on some amazing bright fuchsia, perfect for summer, lipstick from The_ed.  She's a Swappy_Seconds repeat swapper, and swapping with her is beyond awesome for me--she's a Mary Kay rep, so she's always tempting me with makeup.  Needless to say it makes swapping easy when you're offering up Pink Melon lipstick!
Lipstick, something I rarely wear, I'm a gloss girl lets be honest.  Lipstick however, does make me just want to pop my lips, smack away, and do a lot of "MUAH's" when I have to suck it up and do cheek kissing hello greetings like most NYC'rs like to do....midwest head nod is more my style.  But yeah, after living here for nearly 8yrs its time I just get over it, I've gotten over my hugging phobia, so now on to working away the cheek kiss awkwardness I tend to possess.  Maybe I should just walk around with my Pink Melon lipstick in my pocket so I'm ready for the cheek kiss greeting at any time, and I can just feel more comfy doing it because I'm all ready to give big ol' MUAH smooches and leave behind my mark on the cheeks of all friends that dare try to make me greet them this way!
IMG_0773 we've got the Pink Melon Mary Kay lipstick, and the Black/white slouchy Kensie tee.
Besides that, you'll find me here wearing:
DIY cut-off shorts--Gap
Black platforms--Topshop
Ivory quilted chainpurse--Thrift Store.

Now, back to that "perfect balance" of a life I's almost 11:30pm, if I go to bed now I'll get 7.5hrs of sleep, more than enough to get up bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow!  tootles


The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

Fabulous ensemble...who cares if you wore 2 days in a row...LOL In Paris...well hmmm...nevermind! LOL


Hope you're having a super week!

anna marie said...

It makes me happy to know I'm not the only non 12 year old that loves Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers!

Alexandra said...

Definitely a Nickie top. It REALLY reminds me of Stevie Nicks, and on that note I'm sure my friend Claire wishes she had this right now because she's planning on going as Stevie for next week's Rockstar Themed Welcome to the Jungle party. I'm sure it could also go without saying that I'm in LOVE with these shoes (But then again anything sexy black and strappy as far as high heels go always immediately pulls my attention).

Doesn't it feel weird going from gloss/etc to lipstick? I always feel like I'm in the 90's or something, but I actually have several lipsticks that I really love, I just have to remember to make myself wear them!

And thanks again for your closet description, I think that sounds perfect logical. But, I mean, out of curiosity, if you WANT to send a picture, I'd always welcome that too. ;-)

Fashion-rocks said...

Great outfit, you look fab!

Ashley said...

Hahaha, well I give you props on your honesty!! I don't really get the kissing thing either...I mean we're not in Europe. And it's always people who I JUST SAW. I'm from Boston and we don't really cheek kiss people there..I hate when my coworkers do it the most.

On a more positive note, I like your shirt a lot (good call Mel) and congrats on not looking like a walk of shame on Sunday!

xoxo, Ashley

Charmalade said...

Hahahahahaha oh goodness, is that why?? You totally should've told me so, I would've laughed! You're living it up way more than I am, even though I'm "supposed" to be wild and young and reckless. Good thing I didn't notice, I don't think I noticed a stench at all (patchouli is another matter, however, haha). ;)

In any case, it's lame that I'm all "oh look! I totally recognize that outfit!" but I think the day after's outfit looks just as good as Saturday night.

And I actually just recently got into this lipstick craze (I think it comes with the short hair and me wanting to be "crazy"). But other times, I'm all about Burt's Bees and lipstains.

Ach! long comment! I hope you haven't fallen asleep just reading this. I'm so glad we met up, it completed my NYC experience! :D

Toast with Charmalade

WildBirdVintage said...

Yep. I fucking love your blog. just wanted to share.

missDTM said...

this outfit is really cute! i love how you paired the shorts with the're right--it's the perfect outfit for the weekend!

Isquisofrenia said...

i want those shoes and i think you always manage to wear shorts and tops like that and look very awesome
i tried to do that and i look weird
like maybe cuz im really short!
love your make up alot!


great outfits, im loving these sandals! come follow me xoxo