Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday Swap Meet

As most of my readers saw, I hosted a clothing swap on my rooftop (with the help of my more hostess-skilled buddy, Mel...because as you guessed, I'm only good for cracking open the beer and making you laugh).  It turned out to be a success...before most of the girls arrived, between four of us we had already managed to take up about 1/4 of my gigantic rooftop.
There were my usual friends and partners in crime in attendance (Bridget above, Mel and Maresa below)
And new faces and new friends--such as Grace, over at BlueBerryBike
And Ashley over at FreeHoney and her friend Jamie.
and the ever-so-sweet Sarah--her's Tumblr blog is HERE
And back to one of my regular girl pals, Nikka-AKA: Showgirl Godzilla
Lots of rooting, sifting, trying on...but everyone came out a winner I think.  I believe everyone found something to take home.
Bridget scored one of my very first day dresses I designed at Alberto Makali when the line first debuted a few years back--never worn!  Can't go wrong with that...Enjoy it Bridget!
Oh and hmmmm...that thing called my "Daily Wear".  Well let's see....I had all intention to wear my cut-offs, because it was Saturday afternoon.  What else have you seen me wear on a weekend?  (I've kinda decided to wholeheartedly embrace shorts this summer because in the past I rarely wore them...well now they've become way too much my uniform)
Mel informed me the night before of her ensemble she was wearing, and quickly I started to feel very "not dressed up enough" when I thought of my diy cut-offs...YIKES!  I think I was assuming it was at my house and therefore I could do as I please (and yes, its true, I could do as I please, but I thought I'd spiff it up a bit more too after she mentioned her outfit).
I immediately scanned thru my dress section of my closet (yes I like to keep things organized like that--everything has its place, and everything MUST remain in its color coded place or else I get all batty and crazy) and BAM!  It hit me that the swap was the PERFECT opportunity to wear the vintage maxi dress I had gotted about 3years ago out in LA.  I'd been dying to wear it to a pool party I hosted ever since I put it on out west.  Standing in the dressing room I remember thinking how amazing it would be if I could host that pool party...ah, but I don't own a pool, never have.
Soooooooooooo, the only other time I've even remotely worn this outside of my bedroom was the one time last summer when I decided to start showing you some of my vintage outfits I just keep in my closet...essentially  the last time I wore it was me just playing dress-up in a thing I like to call "Vintage View"
Yep, A clothing Swap at chez moi is theeeee SUPERB spot for me to actually wear WEAR this.  Not just for a little twirl around my former backyard.  I thought it was quite a delight...even if my back got incredibly burned as I baked like a hot potato at the snack table (I think I ate more than swapped).
And how appropriate is this little street sign?  Although I'm pretty sure that's not the way to Los Angeles...just sayin'
Swap Meet Saturday
I was wearing:
Black/White vintage maxi dress-vintage store on Melrose, Black sandals-Topshop, Black necklace-H&M, Black sunglasses-Kensie

For everyone that came to the swap---THANK YOU!  It was nice to see you and meet some new faces. Hopefully we can do it again in early spring!  And hopefully all you other NYers that missed out might attend this next time around.  Take my advice on this one!


Alexandra said...

Haha. As of right now my closet is color sorted... but I've been thinking I want to rearrange via style of clothing. The only thing is that then, there won't be as many colors in each section (Though admittedly it's mostly dresses anyways) which I know will just exacerbate my OCD. Actually... let me ask you this, how would YOU sort the dresses that are half black and half some kind of pattern or with some accent!? Logically I just put them with the black dresses, but then things just seem a bit out of sort! (I really am crazy...)

urbanrhetoric said...

ok, i will just hold in all of my jealousy. this looked like it was a great success! beautiful weather + lovely ladies + awesome clothes....all the while, i was recovering in my house w/ a wicked hangover + jet lag. sadness to me.

drinks soon?

Sarah Bibi said...

So much fun! Thanks for hosting Nickie!

missDTM said...

i'm bummed i missed it. when's the next one and can i get a heads up like weeks and weeks in advance???

love your dress!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww I wish I had come! (that's what she said?)
I had a fun time in NY but I really felt like I needed my laptop so I could google all the places I wanted to visit. Instead I had my phone which it would appear SUCKS for wifi. So we had to rely on randomly stumbling upon places. We visited central park (on Sunday when it decided to rain we were almost there so we made a quick visit) the Empire state building felt more like a waste of my 20$. Times Square was really pretty, I got some nice pictures and I loved how busy and bright it was. I got to do my first DSW visit and my plan to come home with shoes was successful.
Unfortunately, I had forgotten I wanted to see topshop, I also would have loved to see a show and visit more areas of NY but with limited time(and money) and a really comfortable hotel bed... we took it easy. Oh and I learned a good lesson. TGI Fridays does not like vegetarians. Now I know.
I hope you had a good weekend even tho u didnt get visited by me :P.

Isquisofrenia said...

so fun, omg i bet there was tons of things, amazing things to be swapped
yay ashley went.
i posted a week ago about your swapping party and she asked me if i was going and i told her i live in cali
so i told her to take lots of friends ahhahah
im so glad it was a success.
i havent heard from you in a long time
hope everyting is good!!

jesse.anne.o said...

Awww, it looks so fun. I am so bummed I couldn't make it (also because I had a bag of clothes ready to go!). Looking forward to the next one!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great time you are all having! I so wanted to come.

Look at you -all glamorous on the roof. I must see it - those views look wonderful.

When is the next one? Is that a BBQ in the back I see? (BBQ = <3)


Ashley said...

Hahaha, I just sent this link to Jamie - she looks so MAD in the candid you snapped of us! We both thought the dress you were wearing looked great. It was so nice to meet you and Mel and the other girls! I had so much fun, not to mention I wore my (slash your) fringe vest for the rest of Saturday night.

xoxo, Ashley

grace said...

nickie, it was great meeting you and you guys were awesome hostesses. i got enough swapped items to wear all week...thanks so much...!

Isquisofrenia said...

hahah yeah i was going for that look!

The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

Love the looks like a Marimekko...ever heard? LOL