Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daily Wear: These are a Few of my Favorite Things

I realize today I was wearing pretty much all of my favorite things:

1. a nipped in, fun jacket
2. a vintage owl necklace
3. skinny jeans
4. heels 
(well when am I not wearing footwear with a heel?)
Pretty soon this jacket will have to go into storage because its very much a summertime piece.  It has no lining, its a very lightweight linen-y type fabric, and maybe its a summertime color palate.

However, even if its almost out of season, it's making its debut on this here lil' blog of mine.  Basically because I got it off the sale rack about 3 weeks ago.  I couldn't resist, I loved the stripe-y action, the narrow waist, the color.  What can I say, try as I might, I'm a sucker for a fun jacket.
Jackets are my go-to when I want to do the jeans thing at work but not look like a total slacker; face it-jackets really polish off an otherwise casual outfit to a tee!
I'm also wearing a little owl that doesn't usually make his way out of the jewelry box.  Mostly he's stuck in his little drawer for the most part because I actually forget about owning him quite a lot.  He's not my usual owl that's for sure.  But he is my newest of the vintage owls...
(good times, i need to get back there--fireworks superstore and cheap beer!)
And I just got my suede booties repaired.  These are the ones that snapped at the heel last week when I was walking out of DSW (again, thankfully I had just bought 2 new pairs of boots so I made a quick change-a-roo).  This pair of booties is one of my faves...I like the color mostly, its a mushroom type shade.  The heel was a little too tall from the last time I got it repaired (imagine that, I am claiming a heel to be "too tall"), this is why I think it snapped to begin with.  So this time I asked the cobbler man to make it just about 1/8" less tall (yes, 1/8"!  Seriously, is that even going to make a difference?  I can't believe myself sometimes)
*Blue jacket-Rachel by Rachel Roy
*White tank-H&M
*Silver vintage owl necklace-vintage store in the Poconos
*Dark denim skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Beige suede booties-Calvin Klein

Oh, and Happy Day for sure!!!!!!!!!!
According to my countdown widget--FALL HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED!
(although about 2 days ago I realized that I am pretty certain the countdown was set a day too early, and Fall doesn't really officially start until tomorrow....honestly who knows, let's just get summer the heck out of here already!)


anna marie said...

I have been dreading your fall countdown since 62 days ago! I'm such a summer lovin' sort of girl!

Charmalade said...

This is such a smart look, you look so very chic, gurl (yes, I said "gurl" with a u).

Also, it's so strange-- though autumn technically started, it's an Indian summer here and temperatures have risen up to the 90s. You'd probably melt here. D:

Toast with Charmalade

Isquisofrenia said...

that jacket is fun! i only have 2 i need to get more especially cuz the weather is changing now
you look so cool
your hair looks so amazing all the time
and those booties are so perfect for every outfit!1

sweetersalt said...

Love me a long vintage necklace - that owl is pretty adorable.


Sarah K. said...

cool photo location! the pics are great.
I'm so impressed that so many of you girls can wear heels for long periods of time. I'm such a wiener that I can only handle standing/walking in them for a couple hours!

jessica said...

This is such a cool outfit! I could never wear heels all day, or skinny jeans. But you look great! I love that jacket!

Isquisofrenia said...

i think i do, your right!