Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here we go we go!

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!
Now we're all settling in, getting ready to go back to our regular lives come Monday morning...but the thing I don't mind now that Thanksgiving has officially passed; its the fact that the 

If there's one thing this girl dorks out about, gets somewhat choked up over, even gets really mushy-gushy's these darn holidays!
Starting Thanksgiving weekend, and extending thru New Year's; really nothing better in the world!
I love the festivities, the semi-jolly demeanor that takes over my personality, and the overall cheer throughout the city as you hustle and bustle going about your holiday shopping, grabbing that cup of hot cocoa, seeing the Santa Claus village in Macy's...I love it all!
And I can officially listen to my xmas spectacular ipod mix without people complaining its to early.
(oh believe me, they still complain; they just can't say its too early anymore)
And these holidays...just one more reason to dress up, to add some glitz, to go all out
(even over the top in most of my social occasions I find myself attending)

I love this top!  I felt Thanksgiving was a good day to bring it out and give it a go.
Thanks to some easy convincing from AlysonIsNeat, I found myself taking home a happy little souvenir from my trip down south (Nashville) back in October.
And well, she was soooooooo right when she told me I needed this blouse.  It's amazing: sequined, vintage, and side vents (side vents make me dance a jig, one in which I proceed to slide hands in and out and make use of the vent system going on)
I also went and got myself a sassy new haircut that I realize I have yet to debut to you all.  I've had it for about 2wks now, and I LOVE IT!  I am a sucker for asymmetry that's for sure!

2010's Thanksgiving Wardrobe:
*Black vintage sequined top-Closet Case Vintage
*Black body-con bandage skirt-Express
*Black printed hosiery-from 99cent store back in college (thx Adriane)
*Black leather boots-Jessica Simpson
*Necklace-F21, *Various Rings-vintage, thrifted, and H&M, *Earrings-Beacon's Closet


I'm sure you're all just "dying" to view some of my Thanksgiving festivities right?
Well since I do not live anywhere near my family, we little orphans grouped together and had a Thanksgiving feast amongst friends!
Of course, that means my Downtown Dolls...really, these are the only friends a girl could need!
I am so thankful for these friends, don't even get me started.

We're clearly all on the same wavelength (by wavelength I mean lack of maturity) making for a holiday full of laughs and way too much fun!
Lots of food too!
This is, afterall, Thanksgiving...basically a nice way of saying "Stuff your face!"
That's me and my first bite EVER of Tofurkey!  
gobble gobble!

So guys and gals, in a nutshell I'm stoked for the holidays upon us.  I'm super thankful for my awesome friends.  And I like you all too for actually paying attention to my banter from time to time.
Hope you had some joy and thanksgivings of your own this past weekend!


Rai said...

Oh I love that sequin cape thingy, it's so odd and unique c: x

idée_géniale said...

oh my, this is hilarious. great hpoto selection. really.

Alyson said...

Too anyone who reads this that isn't Nickie, please note *sarcasm*

Nickie, of course what *I* picked out looks great on you! I AM a fashion blogger! I mean... what if it didn't look good on you... Oh the HORROR!

:) That top really did start screaming your name as soon as we walked up to the rack. I actually tried on this sequined calvin klien number at Dillard's the other day *just for fun*. The sequins flip over from gold on one side to this chocolately black on the other side. I kept running my hands over my stomach moving them around. Almost... almost... worth buying the dress.

Meagan said...

I love to wear anything sparkley...but during the holidays it's just a great excuse to turn that up a notch! I love the holidays and dressing up for them! Love the vintage cape too!

Natalie said...

Awesome post, looks like you and your gal pals had a great feast. CUTE CUTE TDF outfit. Love it & LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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melina bee said...

so many good bang situations happening here (I mean that literally, not perversely)

closetcasecarmen said...

Ahhhh! The top looks adorable on you!

A perfect match :)