Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No way but UP

Speaking of "up", let's back it up...

This outfit is actually from right when I got back from vacation in October.
The reason I titled the post "No way but Up" is because that's pretty much how things shaped up after my fatty fried food fest down in southern Indiana.
Truth be told, what you're looking at is me 10lbs heavier than where I normally reside.  
And boy......did I hate this! 
(everything but maybe my calf blew up slightly, 
damn you Sweet Potato Fries and Giant Texas Tenderloins from the Fall Festival)

As my appetite went up, so did the lbs., naturally!
And naturally, when I bought this new skirt in Evansville I didn't even bother to try it on...for sure I knew my size at The Limited, why waste time in the dressing room? 
What I didn't factor in to the whole purchase was it was on a Tuesday, by Friday I couldn't fit into the damn skirt!  So back to the mall I went...and UP A SIZE I went!
Just Up, Up, and UP.

(I'm happy to report, I've since worn this skirt in the past week or so and it hung lower, meaning I clearly am only maybe a few lbs away from my happy size--to which I will not even report to you because many of you will scream at me--Yikes, today I cannot handle that sorta wrath).
Up, up, and AWAY
But speaking of skirt, the reason I HAD TO BUY IT, wasn't because I needed a souvenir of Evansville--HELL NO!
It's because the colors, there's several colors woven into this bit of tweedy perfection.  And one of my most favorite things--there's both black and brown in it!
I am a sucker for certain shades of brown paired up with black!
See it?  Black, Red, White, and Brown!
I also managed to find what I believe to be the ONE thrift store left in Evansville (apparently consignment shops such as the dreadful Playto's Closet--yeesh, yikes, and no way, have taken over and thrifting has been tossed to the wayside).
In this very thrift store, this fun little watch ring was only a few dollars.  And it still works
(that's accurate time showing there, that's when I took these the evening, I'm not one for waking up in the morning for outfit shots, I like sleep)
Another lil' gem I don't believe I've ever really touched on is this vintage owl necklace.  Yes, yes, just one more added to my collection-honestly though, this one is my FAVE.
It's amazing, bolo style! How can I not love it...bolo and owl=bowlo!
It was a gift from Kristin at Leproust Vintage, and I cannot thank her enough...she's the sweetest!
( I do miss her too, I think she's left the blogworld to pursue more personal interests and to have more quality time with those that matter in her life; this is all very understandable...just sayin' I miss her outfits and her posts and her nice demeanor.)
And probably the most awkward aspect of that day's outfit, these shoes!
Awkward only because I don't know they're necessarily my style.  When the temps drop I'm more of a boots kinda girl, not a shoeties type.  With that being said, my wallet still seemed to open itself and before I knew it I owned these.  I do like them, just hard for me to figure out because the shape and type is a little out of my norm.
Oh and maybe because the heel isn't 4.5"+ tall.  For sure that really throws me off.
I mean, do I even know how to live my life anymore being my natural 5'7"?  Give me the 4-5" heels already, none of you ever need to see me standing short at 5'7".
And that's that....up up and up.  The weight went up, looks like my hemline went up, and those socks went up!  There's just no way but UP.
Psyche!  Happy to report I'm kinda back to my happy normal size.  
Phew!  Learned my lesson: my body is not that of a 15yr old anymore, my brain-yes, metabolism-no.
*Black turtleneck tee-Target
*Multi color tweed miniskirt-The Limited
*White knee highs-H&M
*Black suede studded shoes-Sam Edelman
*Gold vintage watch ring-Thrift Store
*Gold vintage owl bolo necklace-gift
*Brown vintage leather purse-Coach (via thrift store)

**and on my lips of course, well that's Benetint Lip Gloss, what else in RED would I be wearing?**

One more quickie...Happy Hanukkah 2010!
I'm not jewish, but I did mention I love this time of year--THE HOLIDAY SEASON!
Tonight I was supposed to go to my first ever Hanukkah dinner, then some celebratory drinks...but I got stuck at work late and had to bail :(  My coworkers went on their merry way and ate matzah ball soup and all the other kosher goodies their little bellies desired.  BUMMER!  Next year?  Maybe.
But for this year, I resorted to laundry and cleaning...and this here blog.


Eli said...

I feel your pain, this thanksgiving weekend was full of fatty junky food that would make anyone cry. Good thing I can hide it all for a bit under bundles trying to be warm

purelovefashion said...

Diggin' the shoes! I've got a thing for woven skirts too actually, nice ring also.

grace said...

very 90's i love it..!

Meagan said...

Those shoes are seriously insane. Gorgeous! You left me a comment the other day asking where in KY I'm from...I'm from Radcliff, which is just south of Louisville, pretty close really. I spend a lot of time there. It's always fun to meet another blogger who is from nearby. Where are you living now?

Isquisofrenia said...

to tell you the thruth i dont see you fat or overweight or anything like that and im not being nice!!!
you look skinny and fabulous as always!
and yeah im preggos hahhaha
thats why im on the seefood diet hahahha

Isquisofrenia said...

yeah, i feel really tired now in days so we will see how that goes=)

Anonymous said...

so cute! I LOVE the watch ring!!
the watch belt I have is maybe a year or so old so I don't think they have them anymore, but I'm sure ebay does! ^,^