Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daily Wear: Classically Mod

Classically Mod
I swear by my Alberto Makali day dresses...every winter they keep me "put together" and somewhat well dressed.  And they never seem to go out of style, they're always plenty relevant to my current style, mood, and look I'm striving for.  Lucky me for getting to work there, eh?

For instance, this dress is from 2-3 fall/winter seasons ago.  It almost looks vintage, a bit mod, no?
Yeah well its not vintage, and although a few years old, its still plenty up-to-date.
Really, talk about getting your money's worth when we talk $$$:wear ratio.

Unfortunately, winter has reared its very cold cold heart in the direction of NYC.  The wind has been whipping around the buildings, the chill is bitter, and well my body just shivers.  So it seems I barely found myself without the hat and scarf today...not the best of accessories, but warmth comes first in most cases for this fashion girl.
(say what?)

Nevermind, I also get an ugly case of hat head when winter comes around.  Sooooo....guess who couldn't take her hat off for these pics!
*Fuchsia jumper-Alberto Makali
*Black vintage turtleneck-Thrift Store
*Black hosiery-Kohl's
*Black suede shoes-BCBGgirls
*Black knit hat-H&M
*Black/White scarf-Banana Republic


Alexandra said...

Love the color of the jumper, and I love that scarf with it!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

This is an adorable dress! I love the mod-ish cut to it, and the color is so fun. It's def in the staple category. I feel the same way about my theory work clothes.