Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Rewind: December 11-12th, 2010

A pretty tame, low key weekend for me...although it definitely turned out more fun than I imagined.
What do I expect when I hang out with these girls=even funnier times.

Saturday: December 11, 2010
The night started out with all good intentions; intentions of a lovely dinner with the girls, 
Love in the form of a Spanglish Omelette
then home early for bed.

Really?  Did I REALLY think that would happen?  Yes, I truly believed that was what was going to happen.  But blasted margaritas set off the tone for the rest of the night.  Two drinks in and we were getting way too loud for a restaurant environment, throwing punches at one another (true story! We're working on our punch technique so we sometimes hit eachother), and divulging hilarious stories that left us nearly peeing in our pants at the dinner table.
(surely the other customers must've though we 3 were raised in a barn-no table manners at all!)
Same picture, different drink
Yeah, two drinks at dinner does not equate to an early evening.  Instead it means pinball at Satellite Bar! Funny, I didn't stick to that intention either-I didn't play one single game.   Just stuck with my Brooklyn Lager and the cozy booth we slumped into.
Pinball Party
Being that we were having a "lowkey evening" I didn't put much thought into my attire.  The only thought that went into it was that I hadn't worn this ridiculous vintage blouse since I bought way back in the day when I was about 19  (oh good ol' Ohio Thrift Stores!).
I pretty much knew that afternoon I WANTED to wear this blouse when I peeked at it in my closet.  It's hilarious...ducks!  really?  yes really!
I also don't normally do denim on denim (or The Canadian Tuxedo as its been called), just on the instances where my Downtown Dolls are hanging out...and there's some rules to this gang; the most important being that you MUST wear your vest!
So the vest gets incorporated into a lot of my outfit choices these days...get used to it, you're going to see it a lot!
*Denim gang vest-DIY
*Aqua vintage blouse-Thrift Store
*Skinny Jeans-Uniqlo
*Beige over-the-knee boots-Jessica Simpson
*Ivory vintage horseshoe necklace-Beacon's Closet
*Ivory vintage eyelet belt-Thrift Store

Ah, so Saturday shaped up to be way more rowdy than I imagined...although it wasn't rowdy by my standards; just a little more active than I bargained for.


Sunday was supposed to be a bright and early wake-up call.  I made big plans to be in line at 9am for the Bust Magazine Holiday Craftacular.  Well that did not happen.
I got word at 8am that it was pouring, so I selfishly chose bed over rain.
Plus, I knew the fair went till 8pm...and really, its always the same vendors, same merch every year.
Was I really going to miss out on something other than the coveted goody bag?

Sunday: December 12, 2010
Dusty Rose Vintage Booth
I finally rolled my lazy butt out of bed and head into the city around 2pm.  I wasn't feeling it...wasn't feeling in the mood for shopping today. (Unheard of!)
I got there, browsed the first floor briefly, then pretty much just caught up with the friends behind Dusty Rose Vintage.
Dusty Rose Vintage
I did take another brief moment to peek around the 2nd floor and back down to the first floor with Maresa...but shopping was just not in my stars for today.  I couldn't concentrate, couldn't get into it, and basically said "Ef this...xmas presents will have to come from elsewhere this year"
The day a the craft fair wasn't a total waste by any means, just wasn't for me this year.  Maybe next time.
On a crappier note, there was drizzle in the air almost all day, making for one ragamuffin of a girl (ME)-oh and wavy hair :(
Ragamuffin or not, I will admit I still love this little dress.  I bought it a few years back but couldn't ever figure it out.  Maybe I more modest then, but I used to think it was too thin/sheer, too short, and to open on the neckline for me to pull off without feeling overexposed.  Now I don't care about that at all, clearly-I mean have you seen some of my questionable outfit choices these past few months?
Now I've got it figured out and I can't stop wearing it.  Truly do adore it.
I wore it last the day before Thanksgiving, now today, and I'm certain at least one more time before the year is over.  It's just cute, and it works well--plus it makes me believe I look nicer, not so mean as I tend to emit from my pores like its my job--professional mean person.
I'm also really obsessed with layering, particularly in the case of this dress.  It lends itself to being paired up with lots of different shades.  Love it!
Craftacular Sunday!
*Beige floral print dress-F21
*Beige over-the-knee boots-Jessica Simpson
*Black printed scarf-H&M
*Burgandy tights-H&M
*Ivory vintage horseshoe necklace-Beacon's Closet

Well...that's my weekend for you.  Told you not to crazy, just moreso than I expected.  But for sure it was tame by my standards.  There's always next weekend!


Rai said...

I love your blouse-thing and your dress, so cute! I have a real thing for prints haha c: x

anna marie said...

I swear this is a compliment!

As soon as I saw your over the knee boots, the first thought that popped in my head was, "wow! she's the first person ever who doesn't look like a hooker wearing over the knee boots!"

xo.anna marie

Meagan said...

Those burgundy tights look amazing with that dress. I don't think it looks too short/sheer/low cut. The scarf/tights/over-the-knee boots make it look really relaxed and easy to wear and I have to say I'm definitely envying your horseshoe necklace!

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

Ha, I like the idea of a dress making you look less mean.

Also, this weekend will DEFINITELY go down as one of the most entertaining ones in my personal history. Nickie, darling, I am so lucky to know you and so stoked that there will be more nights like these!!!


super duper cool love that teal blouse

melina bee said...

new here, you have such awesome style! duck hunt blouse?! (also sopranos pinball = my favorite, pinball being the only bar game I can play). I agree with you about denim on denim, but your vest almost looks gray, not blue

Spacely Peniro said...

hott look

LEE said...

Those amaze-boots combined with that bad-ass vest and tight jeans just made me throb and squirt in my friend's sister's Express skinny jeans! A truly great look!

Beej Boy said...

Not sure whether I'd rather lick, slurp, n sniff those heavenly OTKs or sniff the deeply pungent odors on the gussets of those super-tight skinny janes. Probably just spunk all over that r@pe vest...