Thursday, December 16, 2010

Style Crush: the ever so classic GWYNETH PALTROW

Ok, safe to admit that 
I've had a huge mega girl crush on Gwyneth Paltrow 
for over a decade!
You probably don't understand it right, a girl like me...what do I see in a girl like Gwyneth?
Oh I see everything I probably never will be able to pull off.
I simply think she's a true classic, a real lady, an always put-together beauty and I admire that quality even if I may never possess such myself.
(let's face it folks, I'm not that all-american blonde with the sunny disposition that somehow epitomized minimalism Calvin Klein in the '90s so well--ok off tangent, but you get the drift.)
My thing for Gwyneth started when I watched Se7en the first time.  
She was beautiful and I liked that she just had this friendly fresh faced appearance.  Even though she was new to the scene, I knew she had staying power and stuff that classy types are made of.
And at the age of 17 like I was, you're still trying to define yourself, still trying to figure out what style says about you, and well I told myself Gwyneth had that something-something that real sophisticated women possess.  At the time I wasn't sure if I'd go down that road or where I was going, safe to say I took a wrong turn somewhere between 17yrs old and now.

Now I will admit half of my girl crush came about due to the fact that I had (and still do) a full blown crush on Brad Pitt (my infatuation with Brad was going on about 5yrs at the point of this photo).  So to see the two people I adored as a silly teenager together, well that was the bees knees!  I thought they were spectacular...although now, looking thru their pics I don't really see anything, no chemistry
  (clearly I was still green and naive in the relationship realm of life at 17 too).
And if things couldn't get better, they go and take a pretty good story (Great Expectations) and turn it into a movie full of symbolism, green clothing (my favorite color at that time in my life), and Gwyneth as lead.  
Gah!  I loveeeeeee this dress!  I think it was a velvet burnout if my memory serves me well.  She played the part of Estella so well, just cold and aloof, I was determined to be that woman 
(again I think I took a wrong turn in life, instead I ended up just being "one of the guys"...zing)
So friends, just when you think its all about her style that lured me in and made me want to consider being that girl...oh no.  Style is one thing, but what really got me and still gets me to this day is 
her impeccable hairstyles!
No one should ever die without having first seen the best "Makeover Scene" in any movie EVER.  
You know the one, where Gwyneth gets in the stylist's seat and chops her long mousy hair in favor for this amazing short 'do--Sliding Doors for those that have never seen the movie.
(you can believe that right before I left for college I too went to the hairstylist and off with the hair, I took copies of these very photos to my stylist--and I adored that look.  It went so well with my love of turtlenecks and slim fitting jackets--pretty certain she wore an outfit just like that on her date w/the new guy in Sliding Doors.  Yes, I was copying her.)
From short-short to cute,
to perfect bob,
to a slightly messy updo...this girl never has bad hair!
She even looks great and well put together toting around the tot.  Seriously, I would die to layer up like that and not look like a total mess.  Somehow it never quite works out for me like it works for her.  
Everytime I pack this much on, well I look like I've packed on the pounds in the form of a homeless person.  I like to layer, but can't do it with such ease.
Let me just ogle everything about this photo below.
Balmain! Black! Long appendages!-sounds like something I'd like to wear.
I've tried, I've done what I could to be that girl...and my wallet doesn't let me do the Balmain :(
From sky high hemlines, to prim and proper princess I say she can't go wrong!

But I've come to a point in my life to realize that I am not that girl.  She will always be the epitomy of class and sophistication in my eyes, 
and yet its something I don't know that I aspire to be these days.
However, even if not for me, I always appreciate a style that's well put-together with the air of confidence such a look brings about.  So congrats to you girls out there that just have that something-something; I'll always think highly of your style.
I probably won't have a Gwyneth Paltrow worthy girl crush on you, but hey you're not Gwyneth.
Sooooooo yeah....girl crush on Gwyneth.  
Who's with me on this one?

Or moreso, who's with me at the movie theater when this doozie, Country Strong, comes out
  (early January)?  Am I possibly the only one double stoked-Gwyneth and Country?
And she sings!
Until the movie though, I plan on getting my Gwyneth fix on my flight to my sister's next week for the holiday.  It's InStyle's 200th cover, and Gwyneth is their lady.
Sooooo gonna buy a copy!
She's gorgeous! And I give two thumbs up to this girl and her hair and her chic look.
So who've you obsessed over for more than a decade?  Or am I just wierd?

(PS-obviously, I do not take credit for any of the photos used in this post. )


Sarah K. said...

I'm a newly-converted Gwyneth fan!
(by that I mean I realized I love her after re-watching Shakespeare in Love and Iron Man.)

I REALLY want to see Country Strong!

Boys Formal Wear said...

I definitely like here and she's so beautiful and she's sexy too.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I'm so excited to see Country Strong (even though I'll prob see it by myself since approx 2 of my friends like country). I already love the title song.

I think Gwyneth has a great sense of style, though GOOP is pretty ridiculous most of the time. But she pulls of pretty much everything she ever tries which I think is amazing. Plus, did you see her on Glee? She was a riot!

Yamilette27 said...

GREAT post! I wasn't a fan of her until "Sliding Doors". Now i don't miss out on anything she does. :)

Cheap Tuxedos said...

Even if it is old she looks beautiful as ever and this is amazing.

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