Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Rewind: December 18-19th, 2010

Fun weekend, but I hate to see it end.  Really, work tomorrow already?
(least its a 3 day work week for me, yay holidays!)

Saturday, December 18th, 2010:
The 12yr old Goes from Gay Bar to Old Guy Bar
I say "12 year old" because let's face it, I'm looking a bit of just that.
I don't wear this dress often because I know its made for a preteen, and I'm not a preteen back in 1968, although that would not be such a bad thing.
That little girl dress gets me everytime I put it on though, I immediately do up everything else to look like I'm barely out of junior high.  It's the pink, I do PINK everywhere with this thing-bag, dress, headband....aaaaaah!  Luckily Hot Pink is way high up on my list of fave colors!

I also got inspired by a hair article I read in Glamour the other morning.  It's all about leaving your hair natural, going with its god-given texture.  I tried it out, it looks OK with a headband, I got compliments from my friend and hairstylist; therefore I know it couldn't have been that bad.
I'll keep it in mind for those days I'm running a wee behind getting ready for work
(wait, that's everyday).
So I met up with these two buddies at Excelsior in Park Slope.  I rather quite liked the bar because I could talk about whatever I wanted and not have any of the guys around me even show the least bit of interest.  Let's just say what I have is not what they want.
Sometimes that's a major plus, eh, actually usually this is a plus-plus!
After Excelsior, we made our way up to 7th Ave. and hit a bar that always made me laugh everytime I walked by; Old Carriage Inn I believe it's called.  I think its something about the random story ex bf would always tell every single time we passed it...its always a good giggle.
(I used to live in Park Slope if we'll all take a moment to remember, nice 'hood but glad I'm out)
Once inside, it was a total old man sports bar, and it looked nothing like anything you'd see in NYC.
Oh no....I felt like I was in small town Ohio, or anywhere in the middle of nowhere.
The shitty karaoke, the lack of pretentious atmosphere, the clientele--actually pretty fun.
A laid back, jeans and t-shirt crowd, I'll take it!  And I will be back.

And, its always a plus when Marc decides he's going to give us his best rendition of "Bette Davis Eyes".
Apparently they give prizes away, but I wasn't quite certain how that all worked, not everyone got to spin the wheel.  Being that I've slightly calmed down in my older age, I don't find myself singing at karaoke with the actual mic in my hands these days (I just sit and sing into my fist as if I'm a rockstar), so I didn't get to spin that wheel at all.  Shit, I could've eat the crap outta those toostie rolls!
(um, nevermind that later that night when I grabbed a cab the girls before me left xmas cookies in a bag...yep, I totally chowed down on their forgotten cookies.  Who am I? eating strangers' treats.  It's the sweet tooth, it takes over!)
Yep, successfully fun night...but I had to run along around 1:30am because I had a very important event to attend on Sunday morning. (sorry mom, it was not church)
12yr old in Vintage
Saturday's outfit:
*Fuchsia vintage dress-Beacon's Closet (P.Slope location)
*Fuchsia suede bag-Tory Burch
*Beige leather boots-Jessica Simpson
*Gray textured tights-HUE
*Pink felted headband-Bust Craftacular craft fair
*Silver vintage owl necklace-gift from Clydes Rebirth

And just for funsies...a random Holiday-esque pic from Sat. night.  Oh those Park Slopers really go all out; then again they have the storybook brownstones so perfect for excess decorating.
But c'mon, life size toy soldiers?  Only makes for a Nickie-type yeah I'll take it.

Sunday, December 19th, 2010:
Nickie Takes Down Nashville x2
Back up a few paragraphs and you'll see I mention having to go home early for an "very important event".  What's more important than slaying two southern dudes from Nashville with your eating abilities?  I figured those boys could eat...but they were not nearly as good about going home early on a Sat. night like me...oh no, and just that worked to my advantage.

So needless to say, what does one wear to an eating contest?  I mean I was ready to go all out and get down and vomit-y with this if need be.  Pajamas would've been the perfect solution to clothing, but that's not happening.  Eh, I still wanted to look like myself, but needed something functional in case my stomach needed some expanding room.
I came up with a solution, a slouchy t-shirt (to conceal any gross food baby like bellies I might've grown), skinny jeans that need a good wash/dry to get the tight-ass fit back into the waist (all the better for an eating contest right now though when the waist is a bit loose), and a cardi because its cold (very practical today indeed, right?)
standard plate
Well, turns out I could've worn anything in my darn closet, the tightest of dresses, the most uncomfy tights, because the plate above was the standard fare and it only required me to eat two plates.
Yes, I just told you I WON!  
Phsssssh though, two plates!  c'mon boys-where's the challenge?

All it took was a quick sizing up of my competition,
Sizing up my Competition
The look you get right before you blow chunks at the dinner table,
A couple of my laugh-inducing, self lived, classic vomit stories,
Competition shot
And BAM!  
One boy down...the other slugging behind...I was a 1/2plate ahead and I went on strong till the end.  I will say, I was not impressed with myself at all--when will I ever get to see my true eating potential.  It didn't happen at my Shark Week Feeding Frenzy at Red Lobster, and it didn't happen here.
Almost Clean Plate Club
Although I walked away with bragging rights and utter surprise that I actually won (I talked a big game for 2wks straight, but honestly I didn't think I had this one in the bag), I need a redo...just because.
If there's a next time, I have a feeling the stakes will be higher, there's going to be more destructive behavior added to the contest, and they won't go down as easily as today.  I should start practicing.
And I should start considering my next outfit--practical yet not pajamas.

Sunday's Outfit:
*Brown leopard print cardigan-H&M
*Black vintage concert tshirt-Thrift Store
*Skinny Jeans-Uniqlo
*Black leather boots-Jessica Simpson
*Silver BFF necklace-Etsy

Side Note-Anyone, a-hem Jessica Simpson PR peeps/reps, notice how often I wear her shoes.  Have you ever witnessed just how far and often I walk around this city in the shoes too?  I never take them off.  Soooooooo just sayin, I talk a good talk about her shoes...wink wink.
(shamless tactics to get some shoes on my part-100% completely)


Alexandra said...

Oh my god, how precious are you in that dress! I actually love the outfit. And yes, it is true, headbands make any kind of wild natural hair that much better. When I just let mine go and it has one of it's crazier days, you throw it back in a headband and look like the point was to be a go go dancer, but it works.

Isquisofrenia said...

i really like how this dress fits on you! and your other outfits, those boots are fantastic make your legs look so long!!

closetcasecarmen said...

You are such a food warrior!

KaneMike said...

Greetings from Finland!

Wow, I somehow stumbled upon your blog while wandering around the internet... You seem like a super cool girl and you have an amazing taste in clothing :)

Have a nice christmas!

Anonymous said...

loooooove the pink dress!! wow, sooo cute! ^,^

Alecto said...

the bright pink of the dress is gorgeous on you and i love your hair :-) i wish you the merriest of xmases!