Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Garrott Tee: Look #4-Garrott a-Go-Go

For some of the newcomers, or lackadaisical visitors to the blog, I'd like to fill you in, and/or remind you, of my collaboration with Garrott Designs.
As mentioned almost 4 weeks ago when I posted "Look #1", for 30 weeks, I will be showing you 30 ways to wear the Garrott Tee.
Both Garrott Designs and myself urge you to show us your styling of a tshirt as well--better yet, get yourself a Garrott Tee and email us some photos of your preferred method of wearing the tee...we'd love to see what new ideas you all can come up with!
This time around, I was told I went a little too impractical, maybe a little too risky for the Garrott customer...however, I'm just giving you some ideas of what you can do and how you can think outside of the box in terms of a tee. 
Like it or not, this is my Look #4-Garrott a Go-Go.
(Plus, not going to lie...I've been working my butt off to get rid of the holiday cookie weight I put on at xmas, and well I'm a bit damn proud of the way my legs are looking and the fact that I can fit into the pair of sequin hotpants I made back in college--totally aging myself here, but I made them 10yrs ago!!!)
OK, here we go--this citron green lace dress is vintage (and as if I knew my shit back then, the label in the dress says "Rebecca-Saks 5th Ave"  Perhaps its private label/exclusive to Saks from back in the day?  Anyhow, not too shabby for a early in my career vintage purchase to pick up a dress from Saks, eh?).  It's my first vintage dress I ever bought--back in Evanville, IN at a headshop called The Abyss.  The Abyss was the mecca of cool when I was in highschool; they had such awesome stuff, and just to be in the store made me feel like I was in college at the University of Evansville or something--really I just looked like a highschooler from the catholic high school a block away...gah!  Story of my life, never quite cool enough.

Since buying this dress back when I was 16, I've never been able to wear it...for one, I didn't have an appropriate slip that would look right underneith the lace see-through sheerness.  Nor, did I ever have a small enough bust to button the closure at chest level....gah!  Again story of my life!

Oh.......but finally!  Finally, 15years later, as if angels sang from the heavens and a light shown down, I finally figured it out!
Why not pair the Garrott Tee and my hotpants underneath for a vintage clubby look???
Probably totally missing the boat here, probably looking like I want to be a Lady Gaga hot pant wearer,
but whatevsies!
Here in NYC, anything goes, and I could totally wear this out if I desired.  And really lately, I've been desiring my sequin hotpants, but I'm not brave enough to wear them just as is-so this vintage dress adn the t-shirt kinda temper the overt 'in-yo-face' leg action my hotpants would create if I were to wear them alone.
Love it, like it, hate it, or despise it...maybe you can tell me how you'd go about wearing the Garrott Tee?
Or what about this vintage dress-what would you do with it if you had my conundrum of a larger bust?
And hotpants?  Just bad decisions of sewing angst while being a fashion design student back in the day??IMG_2861
*Black Wool coat-Kenneth Cole
*Citron vintage lace dress-Rebecca for Saks 5th Ave. (bought in Evansville,IN)
*Gray graphic tee-Garrott Designs
*Black sequin hotpants-my own creation
*Black leather boots-Jessica Simpson
Disclaimer: Vodka bottle in background=NOT MINE!


caitlin said...

phooey to impracticality, i actually really adore the way you've styled the tee here! it doesn't hurt that the dress is absolutely fantastic. well played :)

Jennifer said...

I love this outfit! So very unique and wonderful. I may have to copy this look at some point.

Mens Suits said...

This dress of yours are so different from my eyes you see it so thin and transparent and i guess there's no buttons to put in. Well the boots caught my eye a little bit because i remember when my girlfriend kick me using that boots. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the way you styled this lace dress! So unique and perfect. LOVE LOVE LOVE