Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Minding my p's and CURLY q's

Wait...what's different about this picture?  What's going on here?  Why is my hair beyond just "wavy"?

It's because the good people over at Misikko gave me the opportunity to test out one of their

You might recall, just last month I tested out one of their professional flat irons as seen here, being that it worked out well for me, I thought of course it would be awesome to review another one of their products  for your consideration.
When I received the clipless curling wand, I was a at first a little worried about just how this asymmetrical hairstyle of mine would fair when curled.  I mean asymmetry in hairstyles is not usually best shown with texture like curl upon the mane, right?  
And I'll admit, the end result-while much more pleasant than I imagined, was a little odd but only because of my cut...
the curling wand itself worked like a fast-action curling iron; 
a dream curl it created just soooooo right if I do say so myself!

Ok, so as usual, I started fresh out of the shower, dried my hair as usual with my paddle brush and professional hairdryer.
This is what I typically look like immediately after unplugging my dryer.
(Not too wavy, not too straight, but definitely nooooo curl)
While drying my hair, I plugged in the curling wand to let it heat up.
Well slap me and call me crazy...but this thing heated up to perfection in a matter of mere seconds!
Amazing, such little wait time!

So I went about clipping up sections of my hair so as to get to the bottom layer first.
And then a curling I went.
I took about 2" sections on each layer until the full head was curled (sans bangs, no curl needed there).
I alternated curling direction with each strand--one curled clockwise, the next curled counter-clockwise...all curled in a ringlet type style.
I'll admit, I initially found the curling wand a little awkward to use.  After a few tries, and a few minutes into it, I think I got the hang of it.  
It's a little difficult at first being that there is not clamp to it-but I found taking the end of the strand of hair and wrapping it loosely around the barrel of the iron, then gently pulling the end of the hair would allow for it to easily wrap around the iron and within seconds I could release and have a near perfect ringlet ready to rival that of Nelly Olsen's 'do 
(yeah...I referenced "Little House on the Prairie" just now; why not that is one fine show I grew up with and still love it to this day!)
About 10min later (I don't have tons of hair ok, as if it wasn't already apparent) I end up with lots and lots of texture, curls abundant everywhere!  And you know what...I think I like it!
Um yeah...I like it!

Now this review went down on a Friday you think I was going to just stay home after that? NO!

I have a boyfriend these days--AKA a life outside of the blogosphere--so I was off to his house for some Netflix and hangout time.
Of course, as soon as I arrive for a lowkey evening with him and the roomate(s), the hair is the subject of conversation.  To be fair, they only have ever seen me for the past 5 months with straight hair, maybe slightly wavy 1-2x when I was accidentally caught in the rain, but other than that never have they seen such a 'do on this girl.
And although I told BF beforehand that I curled it, for some reason they all kept asking where I went earlier that evening, all the while complimenting the curly style of course.  But really? Do curls automatically equate to actually having a social engagement besides just me dolling myself up for no reason other than to review a product?  Silly boys...I went nowhere before their house so I found it silly they kept asking where I was at.
Eh, regardless, I guess it was cool I didn't get laughed at--least it got compliments from them.  
Sounds like the clipless curling wand and its finished product are boy approved-just sayin'.
In conclusion, if in the market for a new curling iron, or a change in hairstyle, give a clipless curling wand a try.  You'll grasp the technique without the clamp in no time, and you'll be amazed at the dreamlike ringlets you can create in no time at all.

Consider checking out; I've come to love their products.
It's not just the two products like I've reviewed, they've also got travel hair dryers - perfect for summer vacations friends! And brands like Corioliss Flat Irons-interesting looking philosophy/item.
And on that note...feel free to laugh at me too if you so desire, its a pretty crazy look for me I'll admit.
I laugh when I see it, so you can too!


lauraa said...

I love you with the curls! I am always jealous of girls with naturally wavy hair- they can do both straight and curly styles so well. Whereas when hair is naturally very curly like mine the curls are NEVER neat enough to look as good as that! Will we be seeing this lovely look more often then?

two birds said...

love it! it looks like your hair is naturally curly!

Alecto said...

you're absolutely adorable with curls :-) and you rock the hell outta a pair of jeans!

those tricks said...

The curls look GREAT on you!

Gracey said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting, I really appreciate it!

And, I have to say that you look fabulous with curly hair.