Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dusty Rose Vintage=Sweater Dress LOVE!!!


Still on the subject of my cahoots with Dusty Rose Vintage...

A SOOOOOOO CUDDLY, yet super chic 1980s Sweater Dress

(click HERE for details)


While to some this may not seem like a typical go-to piece for me,
I'll have you know--it can be just that.

On occasion, I find myself veering toward a very classic, kind of all-american look.
This usually happens during the chillier winter months when a nice chunky sweater allows me to jump back in time to when I actually used to dress like that everyday of my life.
(think midwest 15year old, Friday night football games, blonde high ponytails with white ribbons--that was me).

So while personal style changes, a comfort from nostalgia will always be there.
This dress is a more grown-up version of that All-American girl I sometimes remember being.
And this my friends...its why I enjoy a nice piece of classic goodness such as this sweater dress!


I think it would look amazing with a pair of riding boots, spending time in the countryside, a few herding dogs trailing behind at my heels.
(Or maybe I'm just conjuring up visions of a Ralph Lauren ad, or a leisurely life worth trying out)


All I can tell you is this dress is worthy of some serious favoritism in a girl's winter wardrobe.
Very easy, and very perfect- classic, clean, simplistic chic!

*1980s cozy cream sweater dress

*Brown belt-GAP
*Brown suede boots-Carlos Santana


Clare said...

Winter whites, hell yeah!

Indy said...

I love how you work that with the low slung belt and boots! It's so casual chic and country chic!

ANA said...

definitely love!!! You make me want to break my shopping ban!

alya said...

Lovely dress!

Hearing about your fifteen year old self made me smile since you seem so much edgier/rocker now, but have no qualms about revealing past fashion choices. :)

FashionJazz said...

U look stunning hun!! Hope u have a fabulous wknd! xx

xoxo Kellz* said...

very cute i likey

Isquisofrenia said...

i love white, i think its very sexy and elegant youlook awesome

have a nice weekend!!

Angela Russell said...

very cute i likey