Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Rewind: November 20th-22nd, 2009

The Weekend draws to an end, and I had yet another Low-Key Weekend--and I'm rather quite liking it just that way.

Friday, 11/20/09:
*Black boyfriend jacket-Zara
*Black wool scarf-Target
*Navy jersey dress-Kensie (from Wednesday's Kensie Party)
*Black v-neck sweater-GAP
*Black opaque tights-HUE
*Black leather booties-Daffy's
*Silver vintage owl necklace-Thrift Store
*Silver watch w/pearl band-Swatch
Since I got that new dress from the Kensie Party it had been infiltrating my thoughts for the past few days. 

You know when you get a new item of clothing you JUST CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR IT!?!

That was the case with this dress; but as I mentioned before it was a bit too tight for my liking. So, in my head I'd been playing around w/different ideas, thoughts on how to style it up, and just how I could get around this snug-fit factor. 
It all came together for me, and thank goodnes, because I did not have all that much time to dilly-dally around considering I told Mel I'd meet her at 9:00pm. (I am notoriously LATE everywhere I go, everytime I make plans, so I wanted to push myself to be ON TIME for once!)
Thankfully, the quick idea to throw on a v-neck sweater gave me the extra coverage I needed in order to feel at ease. But, the dress has a turtleneck detail, and with a v-neck sweater, well it was a bit to reminiscent of 7th grade school pictures
Not to worry, that's when a jacket becomes your best friend-the boyfriend blazer brought the outfit into the NOW. I threw on a watch (which nevermind the battery was dead and it stayed on 8:25pm all night) and my vintage owl necklace and I was out the door!

I met Mel (might I add that I arrived early!) at a new-ish bar in our neighboring neighborhood, Windsor Terrace. The bar was called Double Windsor. Not a bad place at all, I was rather pleased with the crowd, the service, and the ambience--therefore, I think I can manage to return there next time I don't want to stray too far from home (for what surely becomes a "low-key" weekend).

And then we called it a night and I was in my bed, all warm and cozy, by a whopping 12:30am  (Old Lady on a Friday Nite Alert!!!).

Saturday, 11/21/09:
Wearing: (a lot of stuff!)
*Black faux leather bomber jacket-H&M
*Black wool scarf-Target
*Red satin print dress-To the Max
*Black jersey turtleneck-Thrift Store
*Black opaque tights-HUE
*Black lace knee-high socks-unknown
*Black eyelet leather boots-Dr. Martens
*Brown faux leather satchel-Target
*Gold vintage cameo necklace-Thrift Store
*Gold multi-chain necklace-Forever 21

I met up with Mel again.  We went to the Score!-PopUp Swap to drop off some of our unwanted clothing in hopes of swapping it out for something else. 

I took that coat I promised to donate to a coat drive back during my "Intervention Posts", as well as a never-before-worn Alberto Makali dress (quite nice of me- It was a beautiful teal wool, and quality too!). In the end, all I walked away with was a gray zip-up Banana Republic sweater, a burlap tote, and a pin. (nothing I needed, just something I felt like taking away considering I donated 2 items of much better quality than the majority of the cast-offs at hand. Yes, I'm greedy!)

I think the highlight of our Saturday came in the form of the impromptu photo-shoot we played around with after discovering "The Wrong Side of the Tracks" (as I like to call it)--or just an abandoned caboose on some overgrown train tracks.

And speaking of "New Items of Clothing" (as mentioned regarding Friday's outfit), did you notice I FINALLY WORE MY new-ish DOC MARTENS?

I think I've determined it's best to wear them with my short dresses. That way, I can get over the fact that I'm wearing FLATS (something I'm sooooo not used to), while combatting the issue of me feeling "stumpy" because I don't have my usual 3-4"+ height to rely on. Any ideas on how else I should wear them? 
I've tried skinny jeans, but yeah--STUMPY!

Sunday, 11/22/09:
Wearing:  (the pajama look)
*Black star-print hoodie-H&M
*Gray v-neck tshirt-Target
*Black scottie-dog print flannel shorts-Old Navy
*Brown booties-Target

Wowzas!  EEK!   Aaaaaah.....SCARY!
What's worse?  That I've done nothing all day long, skipped laundry, or the fact that I snapped this pic this morning, and

now it's 8:00pm and I'm wearing exactly the same thing!

 Ewwww...I'm a skeeze bag today!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  


Anna G said...

Don't feel bad, I spent all day in my comfy clothes also. I love your new boots.

Celia said...

that first dress, it def doesn't look too tight, i loove it though (: i reallyyy like the brown bag in the second look, and i just like all of them as a matter of fact!

FashionJazz said...

Sometimes doing nothing all day is soo nice, I envy you hun, I would luv to have not only a day, but aweekend like that : )
I luv all ur outfits so much!!! Have a stunning day xxx

idée_géniale said...

Yoah, i didn't even notice the kensie dress on friday night! Maybe cause you were already sitting down when i got there.

I love the caboose pictures! they look so great! we should do these photoshoots more often.

I didn't leave my place on Sunday either. Umm, can you say lazy???

alya said...

LOVE what you did with the fitted dress, it's perfect. And the train track locale made for great photos, too.

missDTM said...

ok, i don't even think i can begin to tell you how i love every piece you wore this weekend! akkkk that zara boyfriend blazer! the kensie dress! i want it all.

i wish i had known about the swap. i'm really kinda jealous. my sis and i are going through our stuff now to get rid of anything and everything...

Ohanna said...

I love love the first dress and love the landscape from satin dress pics !!

Alexandra Hoover said...

It's completely ok- sometimes Kelly and I spend a few days in a row in sweatpants/pajama shorts. Sometimes it's just called for!