Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Winner?? What-What!!

Not too long ago Annie from Little Ocean Annie left me a comment on this very here blog.
Being the good lil' blogger that I strive to be, I clicked on her name and went to check up on her blog and leave a comment right back at her.
(now I know I'm way behind on doing this with most of my readers who take the time to comment-I do apologize, but life is a bit crazy busy for me right now. I do wish I had more time to go and click on everyone's blogs and comment away like mad. Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day and I've got about 2 hours of that day as "blogging/free time". But ladies and gents, I do really appreciate your comments and I will try moreso to get back to
you with comments of my own. Just stick with me and practice a little Patience-cue the Guns N Roses now ).

Oh but yes, so I went to Little Ocean Annie, found this adorable girl with great fun style, and as if that wasn't nice enough, she was having a giveaway that particular day!
Now I'd like to chalk up the next little tidbit of info to pure karma--

After reading/finding she was giving away some lovely vintage goodies, I immediately entered.
I actually freakin' WON the GIVEAWAY!!!!
Having just received all the loot yesterday, I took it upon myself to put it all on at one time, the moment I got home.
(Would've worn it all the moment I opened the package, but let's face outfit was not all that great, especially for trinkets and treasures at this level of cuteness!)

So here's what I got:
-The googly eyed owl barely larger than my squinty eye
(pretty certain I have a thing for vintage owls so I couldn't be happier)
-Floral print scarf, so perfect as a kerchief around the neck
-A vintage Beige reptilian textured purse
(supreme perfection for Spring and the neutral trend I swear I'll give a try one of these days)
It's got a cute little pink leather strap, however I think I'll use it as a clutch.
And as if I needed anything else to make my day even better...
well Annie took it upon herself to throw in a "BONUS".
I think I might've told her how much I love owls--um, maybe one too many times.

And when I opened her package, I found this lil' guy!
Seriously, could she get any nicer???

I LOVE IT! Thanks Annie!!!
So when I'm not wearing my new owl(s), the necklace will lie safely amongst his own kind in my drawer solely dedicated to nothing but this avian species of jewelry.

-Let's not forget I just had a whole POST on my obsession with owls not too long ago.
So thank you-thank you for feeding my NEED for more more and more.
Yep, it's official--I heart Annie.
She's a sweetheart for sure.


idée_géniale said...

Bahahaha, o.k, I'm happy to have found out that you didn;t wear a fuzzy pink sweater with a floral red/blue scarf around your neck. That first picture just threw me for aloop and I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole post! Oh my, it's been too long, wait has it really? um maybe one weekend apart is too long. Hope to see you wearing one of your newly acquired owl friends on Saturday!

kellywanhainen said...

nickie, you will not believe this! I HAVE THAT SAME OWL BROOCH! i loooove it.

kellywanhainen said...

aww, i would LOVE to be your assistant!! and i'm REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping i can come out sometime this summer!! i just need to get a job first :)

Alexandra Hoover said...

Those little owls are so so cute!!! Congrats on your win!

Indy said...

You are so pretty! I love your new owls...they will suit your collection nicely!

Little Ocean Annie said...

I'm SO GLAD you like them! Yay!! They're perfect with all your other owls!

urbanrhetoric said...

so cute! and i still have an owl for you

~ pemora

Neekoh said...

Wow, congrats! That is the cutest little owl :)
Karma sure has her ways!


Hipstercrite said...

yay! you got a giveaway too!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

Your obsession with cute owls makes me want to have a FIT with Hello Kitty and buttons! I have a cutesy wutesy idea for buttons too :::smiles::: I'm lovin that purse. There's 2 a celebrities you favor (one's from the movie Grease) and the other????? Still thinking....

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

That is awesome! Love free swag. Found you via Hipsterkrite's twitter. Great blog, will probably visit again soon. Take care!

Leproust Vintage said...

Could you have won a more perfect giveaway?! That is awesome!! I love the way you styles your scarf too!

Kelley Anne said...

Oh my gosh, you're adorable smooching that little owl:) I love the scarf and the owls...that was so nice of her to throw in the extra bonus owl. Thanks for the comment on the interview. I think she's just amazing...and so are you:)

Alyssa said...

LOVE the owls! Hmph! Looks like you've got some great loot there! :D
I really like your blog, you're on my blog roll! :]

sanjeet said...

i can come out sometime this summer!! i just need to get a job first :)
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